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Family Information

Family Code Description Members
SAHSO-00021228-Perkins This resilient family recently lost a family member. Yet, they prioritize gratitude, hope, and love. 6

Family Member Needs

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Member Age Gender Information Need Type Need Sub-Type Description
Fate 16 Female Fate loves to shop! She enjoys caring for her nieces and nephews and supporting her loved ones.   Gift Card   Other   $50 gift card to Primark for shoes
Felicia 1 Female Felicia is loving and gentle. She loves to walk around the house and to play with her older sister.   Gift Card   Walmart   $50 gift card for diapers
Felicity 31 Female Similar to her mother, Felicity prioritizes caring for others. She enjoys caring for the elderly.   Gift Card   Walmart   $25 gift card for household supplies
Finley 3 Female Finley is incredibly friendly and outgoing. She loves animals and princesses!   Gift Card   Walmart   $50 gift card for winter jacket and boots
Fiona 51 Female Fiona loves caring for others. She is extremely dedicated to her children and grandchildren.   Gift Card   Walmart   $25 gift card for winter clothes.
Forest 19 Male Forest is excited to have recently completed high school. He is a proud father and uncle.   Gift Card   Other   $50 gift card to Primark for winter clothes

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