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Family Information

Family Code Description Members
SAHSO-00021142-Perkins This single mother is extremely close with her three sons. Together they enjoy movie and game nights 4

Family Member Needs

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Member Age Gender Information Need Type Need Sub-Type Description
Elijah 12 Male Elijah is the king of fun facts! He loves to share his wisdom with anyone who will listen.   Gift Card   Target   $50 gift card for shoes
Elizabeth 38 Female Elizabeth is larger than life! She loves volunteering her time and caring for others.   Gift Card   Target   $25 gift for kitchen utensils / tools
Erik 18 Male Erik likes athletic gear and loves to box. He prioritizes offering his mother support in the home.   Gift Card   Target   $50 gift card for clothes
Evan 17 Male Evan is a huge Bruins fan! He is proud to have recently received his driver's permit.   Gift Card   Walmart   $50 gift card for warm winter clothes

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