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Family Code Members Description
COLLA4-00000330-Wiley 6 The Eures family enjoys playing family games, sports and having a great time everywhere they go!
COLLA4-00003759-Sokol 3 Small funny family who have great spirits. They enjoy each other's company, laughter and movies.
COLLA4-00005088-Wiley 2 The Ps love the arts! They enjoy cooking, arts and crafts and word games.
CSAHY2-00006655-Lord 4 Family supports one another and communication has significantly improved in the past few months.
COLLA4-00006775-Taboh 2 The Chandlers are a small family with a lot of love to give, kind, compassionate and supportive.
SAHSO4-00007174-anastasi 4 You will find this family out in nature when connection and unity is needed.
COLLA4-00007735-Kia 3 The Martinez family enjoys spending time together over a meal or a walk around the neighborhood.
CSAPA4-00008778-Tavarres 4 Family of 4 . Parents lost job due to Covid related closure and trying to get back on their feet.
PRESC3-00009121-Simankov 6 This family is very loving and kind to each other. They enjoy each others company.
COLLA4-00009261-Taboh 3 The Munfords are a tight supportive family who enjoy to laugh and spend time with each other.
COLLA4-00010060-Shroff 2 Dompier Family is small with large hearts. They enjoy watching sports, cooking together and bonding.
SAHBO-00011590-Owens 3 The Harris family enjoys trips to the beach together
COLLA4-00012814-Arbuckle 3 The Lavignes are a creative artistic family who love to sing, paint and create fun meals.
COLLA4-00012834-Wiley 2 Family of 2 with interactive boy who loves video games, computers and basketball. Mom loves cooking
COLLA4-00013073- 2 The Fernandes family enjoy spending time laughing, cooking, going for walks and having fun!
COLLA4-00014685-Aguaya 7 The Rodriguez family is exciting end energetic. They enjoy playing games and laughing together
CSAHY2-00014771-Lord 3 Family consists of Mom and two children. Mom supports and advocates for her children.
COLLA4-00015305-Kia 3 The Pratts are a fun family who love to sing and dance. They love talent shows, church and music.
SAHBO-00016216-Harris 4 The Franklin is a loving and caring family who want the best for their child.
CSAHY2-00017180-Lord 3 Family of three that enjoys watching movies together
SAHBO-00017225-Owens 3 The Glovers are a loving family who enjoys making crafts and playing competitive games together.
SAHSO4-00017395-Anastasi 5 Caregivers values making their meals with love and cherishing every moment they have with their children.
CSAHY2-00017480-Lord 3 Youth is living with her grandmother and has a difficult year with other family members
COLLA4-00017576-Wiley 3 The Rodriquez Family is very loving, supportive and progressive. They love the arts and spending time with one another.
SAHSO4-00017925-Williamson 6 Fun-loving mom and dad absolutely adore their three unique sons and outstanding daughter.
SAHSO-00017949-Herrera 4 Happy and Loving family of four that loves to spend time with one another and their cat.
SAHSO4-00018017-Destin 5 Family enjoys spending time with one another. They enjoy painting and hiking.
SAHSO4-00018057-Jesus 5 Great family who loves spending time together and playing games together.
COLLA4-00018611-Kia 3 The Segarras enjoy reading, cooking, watching tv, spending time with the boys, and being active.
SAHSO-00018739-Liborio-Walker 4 A family of 4 full of faith and hope.
COLLA4-00018809-Wiley 4 The Mosleys are a tight knit family who enjoys family games and movie nights
COLLA4-00018874-Collura 3 Shmuel Family is small but strong. They spend a lot of time laughing and cooking together.
PRESC4-00018945-Ansel 6 This family is supportive and caring and always there to lend a hand to those in need.
SAHBO-00018957-Sham 3 Includes a mother who was recently reunited with her child after a year-long separation.
SAHSO-00019309-Liborio-Walker 5 An energetic family that loves to cook ethnic foods.
CSAHY2-00019371-Lord 2 This is a single mother from the Dominican Republic who loves family time.
SAHSO4-00019408-Miszkiewicz 3 Family is made up of three members grandma, mom, and kiddo. They are very close with one another.
SAHSO-00019456-Garau 4 This blended family of 4, shows love and support for one another. They enjoy cooking and laughing.
SAHBO-00019641-Lupini 7 This loving family of 8 enjoys spending time together cooking, playinggames, and doing arts & crafts
SAHSO-00019814-Garau 5 Happy and loving family of 5 loves playing games and spending time with their pets.
COLLA4-00019825-Aguayo 3 This lovely family of females is full of life, love and laughter. They enjoy cooking, music and art.
PRESC4-00019926-ANSEL 4 This family is a mother and three girls age 17, 15, and 6. They just moved into a new appartment!
SAHBO-00020151-Crisp 4 The Hartley's are a familiy of 4 that enjoys bonding over their love for music.
SAHSO-00020401-Woodstock 4 Loving single mom, 2 kids and one infant seeking support this holiday season.
CSAPA4-00020445-Tavarres 6 Family of 6 in need of some help for this Holiday Season
SAHSO-00020546-Garau 5 This happy family of 5 knows how to create a supportive and loving home despite hardships.
SAHBO5-00020640-Maldonado/Sham 5 This is a great family who have been going to a lot lately. Mother have a lot health issues .
SAHBO-00020649-Crisp 6 The Isaacs's are a family of 6 that enjoys cooking family meals together while listening to music.
SAHBO-00020696-Ngo 3 A wonderful family of three
CSAPA4-00020929-Francois-Cajuste 5 Family of five. Loving grandma supporting her daughter in raising children. Nice Family
SAHSO-00021142-Perkins 4 This single mother is extremely close with her three sons. Together they enjoy movie and game nights
SAHSO4-00021210-Buono 3 Single Mom of two kids as a family they love being around each other and enjoy creating memories.
COLLA4-00021213-Shroff 5 The Milton Family enjoys playing cards and board games on family night.
CSAHY2-00021216-Lord 2 Grandmother is legal guardian of youth. They have a good bond and caregiver is a good advocate.
SAHSO-00021228-Perkins 6 This resilient family recently lost a family member. Yet, they prioritize gratitude, hope, and love.
CSAPA4-00021240-Tavarres 5 Family of 5 in need of Holiday Cheer
SAHSO4-00021251-Anastasi 6 Fun Friday nights with this family include a movie and snuggles with their animals.
COLLA4-00021345-Sokol 5 The family enjoys playing video games, watching tv and playing outside. They enjoy family time often
SAHSO4-00021361-Aguiar 2 Hard working single mother needing support for the holiday season.
PRESC3-00021392-Rosen 4 The Holidays are a loving Boston family of 4 who value kindness, learning, and each other.
CSAHY2-00021530-Lord 3 Family has good communication and has been able to support one another recently.
SAHSO4-00021545-Serwa 6 Close knit family of 6, which includes 3 children, mom, grandmother and uncle.
CSAHY2-00021567-Lord 3 Single mother of two who advocates for her childrens needs for their education and well-being.
COLLA4-00021573-Taboh 2 Loving family of strong women, The Fredericks are sweet, thoughtful and caring women with big hearts
CSAHY2-00021599-Lord 5 Family of four that has intense needs since the COVID 19.
COLLA4-00021901-Aguayo 2 The family enjoys cooking together, learning new recipes and laughing at each others jokes.
CSAPA4-00022024-Francois-Cajuste 8 Family of 8.. Grandmother raising her 7 grandchildren. Battling health issues . Hard worker.
SAHSO4-00022060-Driscoll 4 Family of four appreciative of support this holiday season
SAHBO-00022223-Lupini 4 This close knit family is loving and enjoys spending time together in the community.
CSAPA4-00022245-Tavarres 2 Family of 2.. Mom and her daughter trying to have some extra help for Christmas.
COLLA4-00022256-Taboh 3 The Tobys enjoy cooking, playing board games and sharing jokes with one another.
SAHSO4-00022307-Miszkiewicz 6 This is a family of 6. There are four children. They enjoy spending time together.
COLLA4-00022361-Taboh 3 The Woodberrys are an energetic family who love to sing, dance and listen to music.
CSAHY2-00022383-Lord 3
COLLA4-00022434-Aguayo 3 The Mejia family is young and full of life. They enjoy playing board games, watching movies and more
SAHBO-00022492-Ngo 3 A loving family of three
SAHSO4-00022559-O'Brien 6 Resilient and big-hearted family that love to spend time outside and playing games together.
COLLA4-00022627-Kia 2 The small family of two enjoy cooking, watching tv and shopping.
PRESC4-00022674-Ansel 5 This is a family of 5. Mom, Hannah, Hazel, Harlen, and Harold. They recently moved to a new house!
CSAPA4-00022697-Francois-Cajuste 3 Family of 4. Parents are co-parenting young daughters. Loving and in need of help for Xmas season.
CSAHY2-00022699-Lord 3
SAHSO4-00030014-buono 2 youth lives with Mom who wants nothing but the best for him and to help guide him for the future.
SAHSO4-00030015-Huskins 4 This foster family is very caring and has provided Ike with stable relationships over the past year.
CSAHY2-00030022-Lord 3
SAHSO4-00030060-Driscoll 3 Three generations of women looking forward to welcoming a new year
PRESC3-00030080-Elson 3 Single parent family that loves to spend time together.
COLLA4-00030099-Kia 5 The Oller-Ruiz family is large with larger hearts. They enjoy food, fashion and family games.
COLLA4-00030151-Collura 3 The Selas family enjoys playing video games together along with watching sports and cooking.
SAHSO4-00030156-Nozolino 6 This family of 6 spares no expense in affection or attention. They are fiercely bonded and loyal.
SAHSO4-00030208-Nozolino 4 This is a multigenerational close-knit family who loves each other and their pets dearly.
CSAHY2-00030222-Lord 3
CSAHY2-00030240-Lord 4
COLLA4-00030292-Sokol 3 This family enjoys going for walks to JP Licks, traveling home to Serbia in the summer and the arts.
CSAHY2-00030377-Lord 2 This is a family of three who enjoys watching movies together.
CSAHY2-00030442-Lord 2 This fmaily is very close knit and is in the process of moving apartments.
CSAHY2-00031048-Lord 4 Family has good communication and Mom is a great advocate for her children.
CSAPA4-00808778-Tavarres 3 Family of three... Mom is raising 2 children alone. Trying to provide a happy Christmas
WEDIK-29292001-McGuire 3 Family with multiple siblings ranging in age from 1 year to 13 years old.
WEDIK-29292002-Surgenor 3 Family with multiple siblings
WEDIK-29292004-Dever 3 Multi sibling family
WEDIK-29292006-Smith 2
WEDIK-29292007-Smith 2
WEDIK-29292009-Cohen 2