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Family Size:

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Family Code Members Description
CSAPS-00000082-Tavares 4 This family is very family orientated. The family just moved to a bigger apartment. The family is need of household item, cleaning products, and bedding.
CSAPS-00001433-Tavares 4 Caregiver of three children. Caregiver is in need of support for the holiday. Caregiver is on a fixed income. Caregiver is in the process of moving.
SAHBos-00005534-Brandman 5 Four energetic boys in all under one roof! This family loves all sports, playing outside, and has so much love for one another.
SAHBos-00006749-Ciccone 2 This family is made up of Alice and Alex. Alice is a single mom currently raising Alex on her own. Alex is an 11 (almost 12) yr old boy who enjoys videogames and basketball. The family recently lost Alice's Mom and has been coping with this loss.
SAHBos-00007457-Fagnani 6 The love this single mother and her five children ages 1 to 15 have for each other has supported them through many difficult events. This family is united and strong in their resilience and faith.
CSAPS-00008395-Tavares 4 The loveable family just moved into their new home and is in need of household items.
SAHBos-00009379-Ciccone 4 This family is held together by a grandmother who has sacrificed her retirement to raise her three granddaughters. Grandmother is a woman of deep faith, who believes in family above all, and is there for any family member who needs her.
CSAPS-00010342-Soto 3 This Family is very close single mom two very smart girls. Mom recently had back surgery and has not been able to work for two years now.
SAHBos-00010464-Coley 2 Venice family loves and supports each other deeply despite having multiple family members coping with depression. The 2 sons enjoy playing outdoors, with their dog, and video games. Mom works tirelessly to keep a nice household for the boys.
SAHBos-00011473-Caze 3 This is a family of two, mom is a single mother working two jobs to support her family. Accent loves to draw and write, she loves riding bike and loves spending time with her mother whenever they can.
SAHBos-00012130-Burgess 3 Lara is a dedicated and loving mother to her two children, Jasmine and Joey. The family is resilient and fun-loving and they enjoy spending time together and trying new activities.
SAHSom-00012151-Puccio Woodfield 2 This is a resilient grandmother and grandson who have supported each other through many difficult moments. Despite difficulties, they continue to offer love and care for each other.
SAHBos-00012261-Lopez 6 This family has gone through many obstacles in life from children's medical, emotional needs and special needs. This single mother of 4 children is struggling to support her family.
SAHSom-00014905-Dimichele 2 The Harper family includes Hayley, an 8 year-old girl who was adopted recently from foster care by two wonderful parents and their 14 year-old biological child, Hunter. They are hoping for support to make their first Christmas together one to remember!
SAHBos-00016530-Sparkes 0 This family is tightknit and need some extra help around the holidays . Mom and dad work hard to provide for their 9 yr old, 5 yr old and newborn. Mom is very involved at her kids' school. Kids are super excited to have a new baby in the home!
SAHSom-00017478-Joseph 2 Amazing mother son duo who love spending quality time together playing video games and imaginary play youth sometimes has a difficult time engaging in relationships outside the home however mom is determined to support youth in building his confidence
SAHSom-00017497-Marcus 2 This family has remained committed and loyal to each other through thick and thin. Housing is a real challenge but they keep going to school and working through it all. They have big dreams of owning a house in the suburbs. They are very close.
SAHSom-00017951-Dimichele 5 Extremely close and loving family with two parents working hard to provide for their three amazing children. This family is hoping to make this holiday season one to remember!
SAHBos-00018447-Lachmenar 3 This family consist of three children, 13 yr old female and 9 year old twins boy and girl, and mom. Mom is a great advocate for her children. She is very in tuned with her children. The children enjoy bothering each other. The twins look up to their older
SAHSom-00018471-LaConte 3 Single stay-at-home mother raising two teenage girls. The Ortegas have experienced hardship, but remain close-knit and value family time spent at home and out in the community.
CSAHP-00018603-Vanon 1 The Louis family is resilient and loving toward each other. They enjoy discussing their cultural heritage and influence on their love for advocacy. Mir-Van, is dedicated and supportive. She hopes to become a nurse as she loves to take care of others
CSAHP-00018747-Sanchez 2 The Martinez family consist of a mother and her 4 children. The family recently moved to a new apartment and are starting new. The family loves spending time together and playing board games as well as cook together.
CSAHP-00018787-Boussicot 1 The Happy family consist of a single mother and her mother raising their daughter. The family value education and the importance of unity and communication.
CSAHP-00019134-Rodriguez 1 The Foxe family is a very loving family, that look forward to the Holidays every year because is the time everyone is able to come together. The family is close knit and value education and being together.
SAHBos-00019195-Garcia 1 This resilient and loving family has so much love for each other despite all the trauma they experience in the last few months. The family struggles financially and would benefit from extra support this holiday season.
CSAHP-00019254-Cote 2 The Then family enjoys spending time together and cooking in the kitchen as a family. They enjoy watching movies and trying new things.
CSAHP-00019414-Beliard 1 Rosecar and her mother are extremely close knit family. Mom is a great advocate for her daughter and she is resourceful. Mom loves to engage in creative play with her daughter and allows her daughter to explore her creativity.