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Family Size:

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Family Code Members Description
PRESC4-00010128-Spurlock 2 The Martin family is made up of Mae and her three active grandchildren, two of whom just came to live with her this fall! The Martin's love to play together and spend time with each other and their extended family members!
SAHBO-00011358-Lachmenar 3 This family consist of a mom, daughter and son. Mom instills many values into her children and seeing her children embody the values makes mom proud. The family values quality time and strong communication. Each are a great support for one another.
PRESC4-00013199-Spurlock 3 The Mitchell's are a loving and dedicated family. They LOVE the watching the Patriots play and spending time outside!
SAHBO-00013626-Holcomb 5 This loving and creative family has spent many years apart for the holidays and are excited to spend this year home together to celebrate their love and value of family together. They are always laughing, drawing, and creating together.
SAHBO-00015479-Lachmenar 5 This family consist of two parents, two, daughters and son. The family enjoys hanging out with one another.
SAHSO4-00015695-Buenaventura 4 loving family of four who have faced challenges around adapting environmental and physical changes in their lives . On of their biggest strengths is supporting each other during rocking times. they also, enjoy spending time at the beach playing.
SAHBO-00017730-Geist 5 This very loving family has been through some difficult experiences but shows a lot of resilience. Bethany and Cassandra work hard to make sure their children's needs are met. Despite this the family could really use the help that Big Wishes offers.
SAHSO4-00018736-Driscoll 4 This blended family of four is full of humor and determination. They are grateful for any support this holiday.
SAHSO4-00019092-Garau 3 This family of three share a close and affectionate bond with each other. They support each other in their individual endeavors and goals, along with providing comfort and love during trying times. They are hoping to have a special holiday this year.
SAHSO4-00019457-Garau/Driscoll 5 This loving family is a busy household with 4 children ranging in a variety of ages. This family continues to demonstrate a strong connection and bond for one another, along with children who are resilient and undeniably caring and generous.
PRESC4-00019536-Burgess 4 Corinne and her three children live with family members and are excited about the holidays. Cory, Cassie and Cam are three energetic children who enjoy playing and exploring!
SAHBO-00019641-Lachmenar 7 This family consists mom, dad and six children. They love to have family nights, play family games and have a strong relationship.
SAHSO4-00020546-Garau 5 This is a loving family who continuously commits and shows up for one another. Any quality time they have together is enjoyed in the outdoors; spent at community pools, playgrounds, hikes, or public farms. They celebrate and accept each other lovingly.
CSAHY-00020870-Ortiz 6 Family consist of a single mother with her 5 children. Mom is very devoted to give her children that best and ensure all their needs are met. She is values culture and ensure to teach her children about her upbringings and teach them
CSAPA3-00020929-Francois-Cajuste 2 This is a loving family of a grandma, her daughter and 4 grandchildren. the family have very limited resources and would love to get some support for the Holiday Season,
SAHBO-00021145-ING Garcia 5 This family is a loving and caring. They have recently had a significant loss in their family, and they are working hard to grief and lean on each other. Family could really use the help that Big Wishes offers.
CSAHY-00021345-Ortiz 5 The Coleman family consist of mom and her 4 children. She is very devoted to her children and caring. She ensure all her children have enough Mom and me time so she can understand their individual needs.