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Name Age Gender Description
A.A.Gor 9 Male He is a great boy . Love sports and doing very well at school.
A.G 9 Male A.O love school and arts.
Adalia 13 Female Adalia is an intelligent and active teenager. Adalia is currently adjusting to the addition of her step-father's children to her home. Adalia loves hanging out with her friends and younger siblings.
Addison 9 Male Addison is a very funny, caring, energetic girl who loves to spend time shopping and getting dressed up. She also loves to spend time playing games with her brother and sister. She is very creative and likes to do art projects, design fashion and sing.
Adelaide 11 Female Adelaide is a lively, humorous and creative girl. She is energetic and loves to move! She also loves to sing and perform. She loves her grandparents and tries to listen and follow their directions. She works hard in school; her grades have improved.
Adrian 8 Male Adrian is a friendly and curious young boy who enjoys using his imagination. He gets along well with his siblings and always tries to be a helper whenever he can.
Aiden 4 Male Aiden is a funny and engaging child who has been through an extremely difficult year. Aiden loves superheroes, especially Black Panther. Aiden also loves playing with his older brother and sisters.
Alan 14 Male Alan is a 14 year old boy who enjoys coloring, reading and watching movies. He also enjoys video games and comic books, as well as brain teaser games and drawing.
Alan-Rod 12 Male Alan is very athletic young boy and wants to be a great basketball player
Alberto A 12 Male Intelligent and quiet boy that loves math and enjoy playing video games.
Alec 15 Male
Alex 12 Male Alex is a charming young teen who enjoys playing baseball, basketball and listening to music. He is hoping that he can spend the holiday with his mother , brother and sister.
Alex 9 Male 9 year old who loves spending time with his family and recently started a new school
Ali-san 11 Female Ali-san is a wonderful 11yrs old girl, that is very active in the community and loves to play sports. Ali also loves to dance and make new friends.
Alice 5 Female Alice is a sweet, affectionate, and curious little girl. She is energetic and always moving! She is friendly and loves to make new friends. She works hard in school. She loves her grandparents. She loves her sister too, even though they fight sometimes!
Alicyn 18 Female Alicyn is a beautiful young lady. She enjoys school and dressing up for special outings. Alicyn is tall and would like to be a model when she gets older.
aliOrtega 16 Female
Alison 16 Female Alison is a 16 year old girl who enjoys roller blading and coloring. She also likes funny movies, shopping and clothes.
Ally-Rod 14 Female Ally is a very smart young girl, she loves school and making new friends. She wants to become an artist when she grows up.
Alonso 8 Male Alonso is a funny and active kiddo who loves playing video games and building new contraptions with his legos. Alonso has a large extended family and loves playing with his cousins.
Althea 11 Female Althea is a funny and friendly child who loves spending time with her older sisters. Althea loves going to school and practicing make-up tutorials.
Alvin G. 15 Male Alvin is an engaging and energetic 15-year-old boy, who likes to laugh and smile, and who cares a lot about his family. Alvin is very into basketball including the Celtics and particularly Kyrie Irving, and hopes to play in the NBA one day.
Aly-jass 17 Female Aly-jass is a loving young girl that loves her family and friends. She aspires to finish her high school with all honors and pursue a college education and become a lawyer.
Alycia 14 Female Alycia is a sweet and caring teenager who just moved in with her father and her step-mother. Alycia is getting used to this new living arrangement and has been helping her parents take care of her younger siblings.
Ama 5 Male Energetic 5 year old who loves black panther, and all superheroes
Amanda 16 Female
Amanda 17 Female Amanda is a very athletic young lady who enjoys watching all sports especially football. Amanda also loves learning about applying make up while watching you tube videos. Amanda has recently applied as a makeup consultant at the local mall.
Amanda Brown 11 Female Amanda is a thoughtful and reflective girl. She is loving and affectionate toward her family members. She enjoys playing with her friends and remaining active through cheerleading and gymnastics.
Amy 15 Female Amy is a very enthusiastic young lady who loves to dance and sing. Amy enjoys playing board games with her younger siblings during her home passes. Amy loves braiding and practicing new styles on her own hair.
Ana Sofia 3 Female Ana Sofia is a sweet and funny kiddo who loves playing with her older siblings. Ana Sofia loves playing with her baby dolls and her parents are working with her on teaching her sign language.
Anais 15 Female Anais is a sweet and loving teenager who spends a lot of time helping her mother care for her 5 younger siblings. Anais experiences significant mental health needs, but is currently participating in mental health services.
AnalindaOrtega 15 Female
Ancyn 17 Male Ancyn is an intelligent young man and is very studious. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family and watching sports, particularly the Celtics
Andres A 9 Male Andres is a very cute boy, who enjoys playing with peers outside and riding his bike. He has a big family so he needs to be creative around spending time inside.
Andrew 6 Male Andrew is an energetic, brilliant little guy. He enjoys dancing, playing outside, and spending time with his sisters.
anelOrtega 11 Male Anel love school and his family. He is having hard time at the school because his ADHD.
Ang 8 Male Loving younger brother who loves video games
Angel 11 Female Loving older sister who enjoys playing with technology
Angie 14 Female Angie is an athletic young woman who loves fashion and playing sports!
Anjuli 10 Female Anjuli is a sweet and caring 10 year-old who loves spending time with her mother and grandmother. Anjuli loves Christmas because it is a time when she can get together with all of her family members.
Ann 14 Female
Anna 14 Female Anna is a charismatic young woman who loves rock music, anime, painting and cats.
Annie 16 Female Annie is an active young lady who enjoy who loves color! She enjoys arts and crafts, writing in her journal and listening to music.
Ant-black 14 Male Ant is a very smart young boy, he is very passionate about basketball and is wanting to be a professional basketball player when he grows up. He is very helpful around the home and loves cooking with his grandmother.
Anthony 12 Male Anthony loves games, funny videos and considers himself a comedian!
Anthony 14 Male Anthony is a 14 year old boy who likes sports including basketball and football (Celtics and Patriots) and plays both sports. He also likes sports clothes and shopping.
anthony Rod 13 Male Anthony is a very caring, he spend most of his time playing instruments, He hopes to become a musician when he grows up to be able to impact other life through his music.
antonyOrt 16 Male Lovely young man. He love school and love his mother. He is always helping his mom around the house.
Anya 14 Female Anya enjoys laughing, making others laugh and sharing her smiles with others!
AOG 12 Female AOG is a lovely smart young girl. AOG likes Barbie and she likes the color pink.
Apollo 5 Male Apollo is a caring and resilient child who has been through multiple transitions throughout his young life. Apollo is now living with his pre-adoptive mother and is getting settled into this new home.
Archer 6 Male Archer is a funny and intelligent child who recently moved in with his father and his step-mother. Archer has been doing great since the move and loves playing with all of his siblings.
Ari 11 Female Loving sister who loves to play with her younger siblings
Arianna 16 Female Arianna is a girly girl who loves makeup, shopping and doing her nails.
ariaOrtega 7 Female Lovely girl. She love arts and school. she love music.
Artemis 6 Female Artemis enjoys reading, arts and crafts and listening to music.
Ashley 12 Female Ashley is a bright and warm young girl who enjoys having fun and using her imagination. She is always polite and does her best to help her friends and teachers whenever possible.
Ashton 17 Female Ashton is 17 and an active participant on her schools cheer team. She enjoys cooking new recipes for her family to try and takes pride in her skills of navigating a kitchen. Ashton is planning to pursue a culinary degree during college.
Asia 16 Female Asia is a passionate young woman who has mastered the art of crochet! When she's not crocheting elaborate hats and scarves, she enjoys listening to music, spending time with her friends and making everyone smile.
Astrid 16 Female Astrid is a unique and insightful youth who is wise beyond her years. She is talented with make-up and loves to sew. Astrid is full of love and empathy and rocks a style all of her own!
Aurora A 5 Female Aurora is a very special little girl, she has a big family and she is trying to get along with her sibling all the time. She enjoys acting movies with her sister and she has a very unique laugh that makes everybody happy around. She is pure joy!!!!!
Austin 14 Male Austin is a young boy who loves music, playing pokemon and playing pranks on anyone in sight!
Autumn 8 Female Autumn is a funny and engaging child who loves playing with her brothers and her friends. Autumn loves playing with dolls and making slime!
Ava 5 Female Ava is a sensitive, affectionate, and friendly young girl. She enjoys imaginary play, especially playing with dolls and dollhouses. She also loves piggy-back rides and looked for hermit crabs at the beach. She does well in school and loves her family.
Ava 16 Female Ava is a 16 year old girl who likes shoes, music, sports and writing. She also enjoys beauty products and makeup. She is interested in learning how to knit and crochet.
Ava 11 Female Ava is a very king loving and thoughtful child. She is working hard to raise her self-esteem after being bullied at school.
Aziyah 15 Female Aziyah is a quiet and reserved teenager who spends most of her time studying or helping her mother care for her younger siblings. Aziyah was recently placed in an honors program at her high school and is working hard to keep her grades up.
BabiNai 0 Female BabiNai is the soon to arrive baby girl.
Baer 14 Male Baer is a hard working high school freshman who is an amazing big brother to his three younger siblings. He loves being outside, going to the movies and listening to music.
Bailey 13 Male Bailey is a kind, caring and artistic person. He loves to draw and can play several instruments.
Baldwin 2 Male Baldwin is a snuggly 2-year-old who lives with extended family members and is working on developing his speech.
Ballerina Escoto 16 Female Youth loves animals and wants to become veterinarian.
banyOrtega 7 Female
Baortega 15 Female
Baseball E 10 Male
baseball Escoto 10 Male Youth loves baseball and spending time with the family.
Batman Escoto 9 Male Youth is very intelligent and caring towards mom's needs.
Bella- Mel 2 Male Bella-mel is a 2 1/2 year old boy who loves to work with his hands and built things. He loves to play with cars and trucks with his mother. He is very active and caring.
Ben 17 Male Ben is a young man from the Middle East who came to the U.S on a medical visa. Since his stay he has managed to excel in school, network and build connections with the Muslim community. He looks forward to his future in the U.S.
Ben Ciccone 13 Male Ben is a full time student, and enjoys spending time with friends, swimming, riding his bike, and playing Fortnite with his family and friends.
Bentley 11 Male Bentley is a kind hearted young man who loves to help his teachers. He enjoys playing basketball and spending time with his older brother.
Bernadette 14 Female Bernadette is a fun-loving 14-year-old who loves playing with her three siblings, photography, music and movies!
bertolinaOrtega 15 Female
bertolinOrt 15 Male
Beverly 10 Female Beverly is a fun loving 10-year-old who lives at home with her parents and two sisters. She loves playing (and watching!) basketball and has dreams of playing for the WNBA when she grows up!
Bianca 14 Female Bianca is a loving 4-year-old who lives at home with her parents and siblings. She just started high school and is adjusting to her new environment. She loves sewing clothes, watching movies with her family and playing with her two younger sisters.
Billy 16 Male Billy is a kind, caring, open and generous kid; he is quiet with an amazing sense of humor to continues to work at progressing in school and better himself as a person. It is an absolute joy to work with him and his hard working mother.
Billy 16 Male Billy is a 16 year old boy who loves fishing and video games. He enjoys basketball and boxing video games for Xbox 360. Billy also likes the Celtics and is a big Jayson Tatum fan. He also likes Marvel and drawing/board games.
Billy G. 11 Male Billy is a caring, and endearing 11-year-old boy who likes to draw and play with cars, trucks, and trains. Billy also really enjoys Thomas and Friends (Thomas the Tank Engine) as well as the Disney Cars animated movies and characters.
Bob 18 Male Bob is an athletic young man who enjoys playing and watching football. He is the biggest Patriots fan and dreams to meet Tom Brady one day!
Bob 16 Male Loving older brother who enjoys sports
Bob G. 9 Male Bob is an engaging, creative 9-year-old boy who loves to be active. Bob likes Transformers and Marvel superheroes, and enjoys movies and video games too. Bob would really like a tablet as well as action figures to play with this holiday season.
bonitaOrtega 10 Female Bonita is living in a foster home with her youngest sister, she love school and enjoy doing Arts and Crafts.
Brady 10 Male Brady is a 10-year-old boy who lives at home with his mother and two younger brothers. Brady loves science, Legos and playing video games!
Brandon 16 Male Brandon likes history and geography. He is friendly and interested in others. Teachers call him a role model and he has been a peer mentor in school.
Brenda 17 Female Brenda is an insightful youth who is quietly full of life! She has the best dry sense of humor and a passion for make-up! She can brighten any room with her big smile and strives to make everyone feel welcome.
BrendaOrt 16 Female Very smart girl. She love school working part time to same money for college.
Brenna 14 Female Brenna is a resilient and delightful young lady who shows tremendous strengths and a shining personality. Her strengths are her ability to be reflective, insightful, compassionate, and honest. She is kind and thoughtful to all those around her.
Brian 2 Male Brian is a active boy. He loves to play with his siblings and explore and discover new things.
Brian 12 Male Brian is a very happy young man. He enjoys Disney Movies, watching Dora the Explorer and other cartoons. Brian is non verbal and is in a wheelchair. Brian loves interacting with others.
Brian 13 Male Brian is a intelligent boy with a wicked sense of humor. He loves to play games, ride the swings and help his grandma cook family dinners.
Brian T 17 Male Brain is an active boy who loves electronics and video games.
Brienne 17 Female Brienne is a talented artist who loves to paint, sing and read.
Brittany 12 Female Brittany is a fun and active pre-teen. She enjoys playing a wide variety of sports (volleyball, basektball, etc.). You can often find her in sporting outfits (basketball shorts) or comfortable clothing (yoga pants).
Brody 17 Male Brody is a kind and responsible young man who enjoys teaching at basketball clinics for younger children. Brody pushes to get good grades in school and is a great helper to his father.
Brooks 13 Male Brooks is a caring 13-year-old who lives at home with his mother, younger brother and extended family members. He loves basketball, the Patriots and going to the movies.
Bryce 4 Male Bryce is an energetic and charismatic 4-year-old who loves Black Panther, playing with his new baby brother and dancing! He started K1 this fall and is hoping to receive a tablet this holiday season to use to play learning games!
Butterfly Escoto 9 Female Youth is a very caring and intelligent. She makes sure her brothers are ok and helps mom around the house.
Caitlin 20 Female Caitlin attends a local community college. She is an inspiration to her two younger brothers who want to follow in her footsteps. She is working hard to get into nursing school so she can give back to her community as a healthcare provider.
Caleb 8 Male Caleb is an energetic friendly child. He loves to spend time with family and his siblings, playing video games and dancing. He doesn't know what he wants to be yet but he's excited to try all new things.
calinOrt 15 Male
Calvin 15 Male Calvin is a clever young man who enjoys to read, play music and video games.
Cameron 5 Male Cameron loves building and reading. He loves visiting his grandparents and seeing his friends.
Cameron C 9 Male Cameron is a pretty charming kid, he is always taking care of his mom and siblings. He enjoys playing with his baby sister. He also enjoys to play video games and playing sports outside. He is part of a big family and is always help others out.
Camila 12 Female Camila is a smart young girl who loves her friends and hanging out together listening to music. She has a dog at home who she loves very much. She would love a new pair of headphones to listen to music with her friends!
carinaOrt 7 Female
Carla 7 Female Carla's two favorite things are Barbies and taking care of her little brother. Carla loves school, especially reading.
Carla Escoto 5 Female Carla is a very quiet 5 year old but loves to learn and arts and craft. She also likes to help her mom a lot.
Carlo Escoto 13 Male Carlo is a 13 year old who is very responsible and helps mom as much as he can. He's very loving and caring towards siblings.
Carlos C 6 Male Carlos is a gentle little kid , very active and playful as well. She loves to smile, dance and play videogames with his brother. He also enjoys to spend time at school and around peers. He is good helping mom around.
carlosOr 15 Male Carlos love school and his parents. He is always helping them inside the house.
Carly Escoto 7 Female
Caroline 13 Female Caroline is newly arrived from a Tropic Island. She loves to read books, loves to draw, and sketch and color. She is very resilient girl getting used to American traditions.
Carson 18 Male Carson is an athletic young man who enjoys playing and watching sports including basketball, football and soccer.
Carson 13 Male i am a 13 yr old boy when i grow up to be a police officer so i can save lives. i love video games and you tube. i like Chinese food and pizza. my after school inspires me to use my coping skills, and to do better. i like math and i like nice cars
Carson 17 Male Carson is a bright and active young man. He likes to spend time with friends and play video games.
Carter 17 Male Carter is a 17 year old boy who enjoys basketball, music and food. He also enjoys funny movies, video games and hanging out with his friends.
Carter 14 Male Carter is a kind, gentle 14 year old youngster. He is enrolled in a special education program, and has made significant academic and social/emotional strides. He loves sports, especially basketball and football.
cartort 16 Male Love school and his family. Love sports
Cassie 14 Female Cassie is a protective, loving older sister. She likes to take her younger siblings out to the park, and is very excited to play games as a family.
Cassie G. 7 Female Cassie is a caring and engaging 7-year-old girl who loves to read, and loves school. Cassie likes drawing and playing different types of games. Cassie also likes Shopkins, as well as Cookie Swirl C on YouTube.
Catelyn 10 Female Catelyn is a sweet young woman who loves coloring, arts and crafts and playing board games.
Catherine 18 Female Catherine is a young, single mom who loves fashion and make-up. She would like to have a job as a make-up artist.
Catherine G. 13 Female Catherine is a caring 13-year-old girl who loves her family and friends. Catherine also loves animals and has said she may want to work with animals when she grows up. Catherine also enjoys arts and crafts.
Cece 17 Female Cece is a very technologically savvy young person. She is constantly exploring and mastering new technology and is quick to help others learn. Cece is quiet and sweet and excited to grow her gadgets this year!
Cecily 8 Female Cecily is an avid reader who is academically above her peers in school. Cecily is working on using sensory support to manage her strong emotions.
Celia 9 Female Celia is a great big sister! She loves Spongebob, fashion and her friends.
Celine 10 Female Celine has a strong desire to be a nurturer toward all of her siblings. She is known for being attentive and mediating any concerns within sibling dynamics. Celine appreciates anything that is sparkly, glittery, pink, or purple.
Chad 18 Male Chad is a smart, charismatic young man. He is really good at carrying an intellectual conversation and has a charming sense of humor. He loves animals and enjoys hanging out with peers.
Chai Escoto 15 Male Youth enjoys basketball the most.
Charles G.1 13 Male Charles is a kind 13-year-old boy who cares a lot about his caregiver (Carol). Charles has been working very hard in school this year and made honor roll! Charles likes to play basketball and is a Celtics and Patriots fan, and likes to play video games.
Charlotte 18 Female Charlotte is a very focused youth. She has been gifted with the special talent of understanding technology as well as building technology. She has dreams of serving in the armed forces someday.
Chase 20 Male Chase is an active and bright young man. He is really trying his best in school and he really likes basketball and video games.
Chelsea 16 Female Caring 16 year old who would love a new pair of Uggs for the winter
Cher 18 Male Cher is a vibrant and sweet soul. Cher is passionate about music, make-up, and friends. She is preparing to move on to college and is working hard to assure her transition to school I smooth.
Chocolate Escoto 12 Male Chocolate is into video games, especially Fortnite. He enjoys spending time alone and sometimes plays the piano.
Chris 16 Male Loving older brother who likes to help around the house
Chris 14 Male Chris is a great older brother. Even though he has a few years, he is already looking into colleges that he might attend!
Chris 17 Male Chris is a funny, engaging older brother. He loves to spend time teaching his siblings new skills, and telling funny jokes. He really loves to play basketball and to try new and interesting foods.
Chris-black 15 Male Chris is a 15 year old young man, he is into fashion and sports. He loves to play basketball and wants to be a basketball player in the future.
Christian 9 Male Christian is a very smart, funny, energetic 4th grader who loves watches, mechanical pencils and playing board games, video and computer games with his two sisters.
Christina 14 Female Christina is a loving big sister who is always helping around the house
Christoph 15 Male Athletic 15 year old who loves all things football/Patriots
Christopher 8 Male Christopher is an interested and engaged learner at school. Christopher is diagnosed with Autism and is working on forming more peer connections.
Clara 13 Female Clara is a creative, curious and kind 13 year old girl. She enjoys drawing, My Little Pony, board games, going to the park, cooking, and spending time with her family.
Clark 13 Male Clark is an active young man who loves the Patriots, playing video games, and listening to music
Claude 8 Male Claude benefits most from sensory support, including things that make noise, things that are soft and things that he can chew.
Claudio 8 Male Claudio just turned 8 and is excited to finally be able to do 8-year-old things, in his own words. He enjoys science, building and playing with his friends.
Cleo 17 Male Cleo is a young man that loves drawing and doing arts and crafts in his free time. Cleo also listens to music and is very interested in wrestling at his school. Cleo loves playing board games with his little sister.
CnaOrte 8 Female CanOrt is a sweet girl. She is in the autism Spectrum. she is always happy love to color and love Sesame street.
Colbie 9 Female Colbie is smart and energetic 9-year-old. She enjoys playing games with her siblings and loves to make them laugh.
Cole 9 Male Cole is an energetic boy who loves outdoor sports (basketball), Pokemon cards, Legos and video games. He loves to watch movies, tell jokes and laugh with his great grandmother.
Cole 13 Male Cole is creative, artistic, and loving. He enjoys drawing, playing video games, and playing cards. He has worked so hard at school this year and has made some great improvements!
Colin 18 Male Colin is an 18 year old young man who loves Nike and basketball. He also enjoys music and dancing and video games for his Xbox One.
collin 17 Male This young man loves sports and is very active.
Colton 13 Male Colton is a kind gentle friendly 13 y/o old. He enjoys sports, video games, and spending time with family. He is a hard working student and loves math.
Colton 9 Male Colton is a child with a sweet disposition and an infectious laugh that lights up an entire room. He enjoys playing games with his siblings and being helpful around the house.
connor 12 Male kiddo is very active and loves action figures
Cookie 3 Female This little munchkin is vivacious, active, and adorable. She loves to play with her sisters and loves her parents. She is friendly, affectionate, and makes friends wherever she goes!
Cooper 15 Male Cooper is a hardworking bright young man. He works hard in school to get good grades, and loves basketball and playing video games.
Cora 9 Female Cora loves reading, music and art. Her biggest need this holiday season is clothing.
Coral 15 Female Coral is a witty, intelligent, strong and kind 15 year old girl. She strongly values family and friendships. She enjoys taking care of animals, participating in school musical, listening to music, and spending quality time with her mom.
Corteg 14 Female
Cory 12 Male Cory is an intelligent, goofy, supportive big brother. He enjoys learning about animals, playing Bey Blades and Pokemon. Cory is a great role model for his two younger sisters, and enjoys helping Mom around the house.
Crisp 18 Male Crisp is a young father who has two children. Crisp enjoys video games, listening and making music and spending time with hid kids.
Curt-San 12 Male Curtis is a very loving young boy, he loves school and doing his homework. He is one of the smartest kids in his class and he offers to help other students with their homework. He enjoys to laugh and is very close to his family.
Cyrus 15 Male Cyrus is a smart, witty and talented kid. He enjoys doing makeup on himself and others, and creating tutorial videos online. He has a great sense of humor and loves making his grandmother laugh.
Dainai 19 Female Dainai is a very resilient and independent young adult. She is excited to now have her own space and starting her new journey.
Dakota 10 Female child is very artistic and creative. Child is in need of winter boots size 2
Dale 11 Male Dale is a very good student, very respectful, and has good manner. He loves to draw and trace characters. His favorite holiday is Christmas.
Dalnut 4 Female Dalnut is a sweet, caring four year old boy. He works hard to learn lots of new ways to express his feelings, which can be pretty big sometimes!
Damari 5 Female Damari is a spunky and energetic young child. She loves pretending to be mommy, dance, and move her body! She is working hard at finding ways to manage her worries and can't wait to spend the holiday with her big extended family.
Dameon 6 Male child has sensory needs and could benefit from sensory tools such as a weighted blanket, kinetic sand, playdough, balls, ect
Damian 11 Female Damian is an energetic 11 year old boy, who is an amazing athlete and plays with football and lacrosse. He will be grateful for any Christmas gifts that he receives.
Damien 14 Male Damien is a bright, thoughtful young man with a radiant smile. Damien enjoys spending his free time playing video games and card games.
Dan 17 Male Dan loves sneakers and has a great sense of style. He is very much into fashion . He likes sports and plays basketball/football . He aspires to be an entrepreneur.
Dan 7 Male Energetic 7 year old who loves cars and helping clean
Daniel 11 Male Daniel is a smart and creative 11 year old young man. He loves to build things and is also a stellar athlete - he's the Golden State Warriors biggest fan. Daniel would love to share new games with the other foster kids in his home.
Daniela 3 Female child needs winter boots size 9
Danielle 15 Female Danielle is a kind, thoughtful young teen. She is very involved in her school and extra-curriculars, and is a great role model for her two younger cousins.
Danielle 13 Female Danielle is a sweet and bright girl. She is very caring and always thinking of others. She loves to see people happy and loves to make them laugh.
Danny 5 Male
Danny 10 Male Danny is a young man who enjoys playing video games and sports
Dany-Mir 13 Male Dany loves sports his favorite team is the New England Patriots. He wants to try out for his school football team in the fall.
Darcy 10 Female Desiree is a bright and bubbly ten year old girl who loves spending time with family and friends doing arts, crafts, and anything creative.
Daren 20 Male Daren is an avid video gamer who loves to play with his old play station with the broken controllers. He would like a new play station console and a new game headset .
Darren 2 Male
Darren 13 Male Darren is an active young man who loves to have fun!
Darryl 14 Male Darryl is a young man who like to create his own comic books and loves writing his own plays. Darryl was hoping to get into play production when he goes into high school. Darryl loves doing puzzles in his down time .
David 15 Male David is a young man who enjoys drawing/ coloring with gel pens. David hopes to do graphic design in the next term for school. David enjoys spending time with his family and even likes going to the beach in the winter.
David 3 Male David is a friendly, active 3 yr old boy. He is very helpful and polite. He loves trucks.
David 12 Male David is a great big brother, he plays with his siblings, he enjoys being with his family, playing legos, and video games.
Deanna 11 Female Deanna is a sweet, vivacious preteen. She is very sensitive and thoughtful, and is working hard on making new friends at her new school! She looks up to her older sister and is practicing expressing herself through art, just like her sister.
Debbie 10 Female Debbie is a smart and curious girl. She is very creative and has a great imagination.
DEFJOYel 10 Male DEFJOYEL is the most active child of the family. He and his brothers are always competing on who does the most to help mom. They share a great love for the Celtics and they go to the same school. DEFJoyel is curious and always wants to try new things.
DEFJOYen 11 Male DEFJoyen is the sports enthusiast of the family. He is closest with his younger brother and supports him all the time with homework.
Deigo 6 Male Diego is an energetic and bright 6 year old who loves to sing and play with cars
Deirdre 6 Female Deirdre is a bright, energetic 6 yr old. Her favorite characters are Peppa Pig and My Little Pony. Deirdre is also very creative and loves to role play. She would benefit from receiving a pair of noise canceling headphones.
DeLani 8 Male DeLani is an energetic, thoughtful young child. He loves learning new ways to move his body, like flips, somersaults, and even yoga poses! He is working hard on being a big brother and can't wait to spend the holiday with his big extended family.
Delilah 13 Female Delilah is a happy, intelligent 13 yr old. Her favorite colors are red and gray.
Demetrius 15 Male Demetrius is a hard-working, caring young teen. He looks out for his family and is very loving to his five younger sisters! He loves spending time with friends and relaxing with video games at home.
Demi 14 Female This a very smart and caring young lady how love to read and watching makeup tutorials on you tube.
Demitri 11 Male child is in need of a winter coat: 18-20 or youth XL, pants 18-20, shirts Youth XL and socks
Derek 7 Male Derek is extremely intelligent, loving, joyful to others, and wants everyone to be happy. He is unique, easy going, loves music, and enjoys playing games with his siblings.
Derica 8 Female Derica is a silly, creative young child. She loves to draw and move her body in new ways, and is working hard on finding ways to manage her worries.
Derrick 16 Male Derrick is a young man who wants to study performing arts when he gets into college. Derrick loves spending time with his twin sister on the weekends. Derrick even had dreams to try out for the Voice television show if they come to Boston.
Desiree 13 Female artistic, shoe size is 9 women's, in need of a winter coat size XL
Deva 9 Female Deva is a sassy 9 year old girl. She is a great advocate for herself! She is strong-willed and has qualities of being in a leadership role. She is spunky and knows what she wants.
Devin 17 Male Devin is a 17 year old boy who likes basketball, weightlifting and biking. He also likes Xbox One and shopping.
Devon 7 Male Devon is amazingly bright and very kind. He is a leader, responsible, and enjoys the outdoors. He loves music, enjoys learning, and never gives up!
DeWalk 8 Male loves spider man, legos, patriots, wants an electric scooter.
Dina 12 Female Dina is an active young lady who loves wearing sneakers and lip gloss.
Dina 6 Female Dina is a sweet, loving six year old girl. She loves doing arts and crafts, and expressing herself through dance and music!
Dina-Jass 16 Female Dina-jass is a caring and very social young girl. She likes spending time with her family and friends. Dina aspires to be a doctor when she grows up.
Dominic 14 Male
Dominic 12 Male Dominic is an active and bright boy. He is going into middle school and is excited to join new teams at school. His favorite character is Donald Duck and he loves star wars.
Donald 15 Male Donald is a 15 year old boy who enjoys video games, puzzles and painting. He also enjoys action movies and is a big fan of Tupac. Donald also likes racing games and board games and shopping.
Donald 16 Male Donald is active young man who enjoys playing video games with his brothers, listening to music and writing songs.
Donald 0 Male Donald is an adorable 3 month old baby boy who steals every girls' heart.
Donnell 0 Male Donnell is a sweet newborn boy, who is doted on by his big sister and mom!
Dotty 17 Female Dotty is a vibrant youth who is very fond of make-up and fashion. She coordinates incredibly well and takes her clothing chouices very seriously. She is very talented with her make-up application and teaches other kids as well! She is quiet and kind.
Drea 6 Female Drea is a spunky, creative young child. She loves dance, singing and imaginative play! She is working hard on expressing her feelings with words and loves to move her body.
Drew 15 Male Drew is a 15 year old boy who enjoys Amazon, reading and music. He also enjoys walks, video games and watching movies. Drew likes Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Magic Cards.
Dudley 11 Male Dudley is a sweet 11 year old boy who loves playing football, basketball and joking with his grandmother, Donna.
Dustin 8 Male Dustin is a quiet, thoughtful young boy. He loves playing outside and relaxing with video games, and works hard at being a great big brother.
Dwight 14 Male Dwight is an energetic young man who enjoys playing basketball, listening to music and playing video games with his brother.
DwWalk 13 Male Loves the pats, NBA, Wants and electric scooter.
Dylan 10 Male Dylan is an easy-going 10 year old. Loves action figures and playing basketball.
Ebony 13 Female Ebony is bright and kind. She is very good in school even though it is very hard for her. She wants to get into a good high school, so she can go to college. I am very proud of her.
Edward 10 Male Eddie is an energetic and playful kid who loves entertaining a room.
Edward 10 Male Edward is an energetic and charismatic 9yr old. He loves video games and flag football.
Edward 9 Male
Edward 11 Male Edward is a kind and caring older brother, who helps his Grandmother take care of his two younger sisters. He loves Math and Science and is working hard in school, so that one day he might pursue a career in Law Enforcement.
Edwin 8 Male Edwin is a creative and compassionate young man. He loves singing and dancing to musical greats like Michael Jackson. Edwin hopes to start learning how to play guitar soon to further his musical talents!
Egypt-mir 11 Female Egypt- mir is a very small and funny young girl. She loves animal especially her cat buddy.
Eli 5 Male Eli is a smiley active preschooler who is adjusting to a new foster home. He loves writing his name!
Elicyn 13 Female Elicyn is a beautiful young girl that loves to play dress up when having special outings, she is a girly girl. Elicyn is very studious and enjoys researching topic of interest such as many wonders found in nature.
Elijah 14 Male Elijah is a great big brother. He likes to help his siblings with their homework and is thoughtful (buys them things they want with money he earns from work). He is motivated to do well in life and is very hard working.
Elisa 9 Female Elisa is a joy-filled 9 year old. She loves to read and school. She enjoys dancing, LOL dolls and gymnastics.
Elisa 9 Female Elisa is a happy, joy-filled 9 year old. She loves to read and school. She enjoys dancing, gymnastics and LOL dolls.
Elise 16 Female Elisa is an outspoken and athletic 16-year-old with a playful sense of humor who enjoys spending time with those she loves most.
Eliza 8 Female Eliza is a very smart, artistic, and sweet eight year old girl. She is advanced in her current grade level and enjoys helping other students with their school work. She loves making slime, doing cartwheels, and playing board games.
Ella 13 Female Ella is a 13 year old girl who enjoys horses, sports, clothes and sneakers. She also enjoys Fiction/mystery movies, gel pens and playing cards
Elliot 5 Male Elliot loves music and plays a mean air guitar. Drumming, singing and making music helps Elliot feel strong and confident.
Elliot 10 Male Elliot is a 10 year old boy who enjoys Mario, Sonic, Legos and Spiderman. He also enjoys basketball, Kyrie Irving and comic books.
Elsa 10 Female Elsa is a bright, happy and likable girl. She loves to read, cook, and spend time with her family. She helps out mom a lot at home.
Elsa 13 Female Elsa is a creative young lady who enjoys cheerleading and arts and crafts.
Eman 0 Male He is a 5 month year old who is very relaxed and requires not a lot of attention. He has a big smile, with no teeth!
Emery 2 Female
Emily 17 Female child is in need of a winter coat XL women
Emmanuel 8 Male Energetic 8 year old who enjoys to build things
Emmett 11 Male
Enmanuel 8 Male Loves to build items.
Ensan 13 Male Ensan is a wonderful young boy, who loves to play videos games and play sports. He also enjoys spending time with his dog stella and taking her for her walks.
Eric 3 Male At 3 years old, Eric loves anything and everything involving Superheroes and PJ Mask. Eric is in need of snow boots (Size 10), socks, hat and gloves, a scarf, sweatshirts, sweatpants, pajamas, and boxer brief underwear (Size 4T).
Eric 9 Male Eric is a funny athletic young man who is looking for his forever adoptive home. He loves video games almost as much as he loves basketball.
Eric 18 Male Eric is a quiet and hilarious young man. He has been a huge support to his parents in recent months. Playing video games and reading comic books are some of his favorites.
Erica 17 Female Erica is a spunky teen with a great sense of humor. She enjoys making art projects. Erica especially enjoys painting with acrylics and drawing with colored pencils.
Erick 17 Male Erick is a loving older brother who is a brain tumor survivor who is currently a senior in high school. He would befit from a tablet to help him complete school work at home.
Erik 1 Male Erik is only 1 year old; 18mth old clothing and shoes are appreciated.
Erin 14 Female Erin is a sweet and caring girl. She loves listening to music and hanging out with her family and friends.
Esha 10 Female She loves reading. She also enjoys baking with her mother.
Esrani 9 Female She loves anything that is girly, such as doing hair and makeup. She loves taking selfies and taking care of her younger brother.
Ethan 11 Male
Ethan 15 Male
Evan 12 Male Evan is a great and bright young boy. He's doing much better in school, and making positive changes.
Fabi 0 Male Fabi is due any day now! His big sister is eagerly awaiting his arrival, and mom is busy getting the nursery ready. They are both excited to have a new member of family joining them just in time for the holiday season.
Faith 18 Female Faith is a sweet and caring young woman. She has a heart of gold and is so loved by absolutely everyone that gets to know her. She is always available for the family and always lend a helping hand if needed.
Faith 6 Female Faith is an energetic & artistic 6 year old who is loving 1st grade. Faith is excited about becoming a big sister this winter and has been practicing changing diapers on her dolls. Faith loves making up new songs and dance routines!
Fallon 5 Female Fallon is a cheerful kiddo who started pre-k this fall and is loving it! She can't stop talking about all of her new friends and how much she loves the doll house in her classroom!
Fallon 2 Female Fallon is a bright and active girl. She loves to play with her siblings and discover new things.
Fanny 12 Female Fanny is a patient older sister who like her younger sister loves fashion! Her favorite colors are red, silver, grey, and black. She has no idea that her parents are having financial struggles and can't wait to see what's under the Christmas tree!
Fantasy 7 Female Fantasy has a great imagine and enjoys playing make believe with her siblings. Christmas is her favorite holiday because she gets to see her family from out of town. She has been talking about Christmas for months!
Farrington 6 Male Farrington loves adventures! He is a fantastic story teller and likes to get everyone involved in his play. Farrington has lots of energy, so his dads are looking for some gifts that will help his wiggly body feel calm.
Fatima 13 Female
Fatima 17 Female She is currently going through a journey of appreciation her natural hair. She is very girly and has ambition. She wants to study science in college in hopes of working for NASA one day.
Fatty-ode 6 Female Fatty-ode is a 6 year old young girl, she is recently in the process of being reunited with her family. She loves being with her family and playing with her dolls.
Finn 15 Male Finn is a motivated teen with a great sense of humor! Finn and his friend have been working hard to save up for some trendy new sneakers. Mom is hoping to be able to help him meet his goal with a gift certificate to Olympia.
Fiona 15 Female
Fiona 9 Female Fiona is the queen of slime creations. Recently, she's been teaching her younger brother her secret recipes. Fiona has a great imagination and loves making up stories with her dolls. She's hoping for some new Barbies this Christmas!
fiore 3 Male Fiore is a bright boy who loves asking questions about everything! Fiore is in great need of warm winter clothes after recently becoming homeless and needing to leave everything behind. Fiore loves anything and everything related to Mario.
Flora 5 Female Flora loves to play outside, hide and seek, and create obstacle courses. She also enjoys arts and crafts, reading, and snuggles with her mom and her cat. She is hoping for some fun activities to inside during the cold winter!
Franklin 4 Male Franklin is an active and caring boy. He loves to painting and explore new things. He also enjoy running around and playing with his sibling.
Fredrick 1 Male Fredrick is 1 years old, family needs clothing & baby supplies for 12-18 mth old.
Fynn 4 Male Fynn is a bright and energetic child who at times doesn't know his strength. He enjoys being with other kids at daycare and playing. He is working on sharing more of his feelings with adults.
GABANNA 6 Male Gabanna is playful and warm little guy who has been through some major transitions this year.
Gabby 8 Female Gabby is a vibrant and kind-hearted child who is always looking to include others. She enjoys school, especially when her class swims in the school pool. When not in school you can find her doing art projects and designing dresses for her dolls.
Gabby 6 Female Gabby is a young girl wiser beyond her years and loves to play with older kiddos and enjoys all things princess as well as coloring and being outside
Gabriella 9 Female Gabi is a very kind, thoughtful and quiet 4th grader, but is quite silly once she gets to know you. She loves to spend time playing games with her brother and sister. She is very creative and likes to do art projects, color and dance.
Gacobi M 16 Male This youth is known for his sense of humor and shining smile. He has many opinions and a strong will. If he sets his mind to something he will accomplish it. He is super loyal to family and committed to his mom. He loves making beats and music.
GARNER 3 Male Garner is a humorous and fun-loving little guy who will be spending his first Christmas with his forever family.
Garrett 8 Male Incredibly creative and artistic young man who's passion is to draw and listen to music
Garrett 10 Male Garrett is a funny and animated youngster. He loves video games, sports, and making jokes.
Gary I 12 Male Recently adopted after being in the foster care system for the last 7 years. Loves video games and due to his trauma history relies on compression to regulate himself. Working really hard to not have his dark past keep him from the bright future he wants
Gavin 11 Male Gavin is a sweet, smart, and funny boy. He loves sports, video games, and he is a skilled mathematician.
Gavin 6 Male Incredibly curious and loves to build things. Wants to be an engineer when he grows up to have his lego creations come to life.
GENE 7 Male Gene recently went through a kinship adoption and is rediscovering the meaning of family and community. This is his first Christmas in a permanent home.
GENERAL 10 Male General is a creative and charismatic thinker. He loves Fortnite and anything that involves professional wrestling.
GENTLE 5 Male Gentle is a charismatic little guy with a free spirit. This will be Gentle's first Christmas with his forever family.
GEO 8 Male Geo is a creative and adventurous little guy who loves to build and discover new things. This will be Geo's first Christmas with his Forever Family.
George 14 Male George is a violinist who loves Pokemon!
George 6 Male George is a active and bright boy. He loves to plays with his lego and build new things. He enjoys playing with his siblings.
GEOVANNI 1 Female Geovanni was a miracle baby for her family and is truly loved by her family. This will be Geovanni's first Christmas home from the hospital with her family.
Gerald 12 Male Gerald is an active and bright boy. He loves to play football and play video games with his friends.
Gerard 8 Male He loves to read! His favorite books are Diary of Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants. His diagnosis of Autism is not limiting to his dreams of becoming a superhero! He enjoys playing baseball, soccer, swimming, kickboxing and basketball.
Gia 16 Female Gia is an athletic and hard-working young lady. She enjoys playing sports and creative activities.
Gianna 9 Female Gianna enjoys drawing and playing video games. She also enjoys playing board games with her sisters, and could use more games to play.
GIANTHIA 19 Female Gianthia has overcome a lot this past year and is excited to have a place to call home this holiday.
Gin 4 Female Outspoken 4 year old who marches to her own beat
Gina 15 Female Gina loves an intelligent young woman who loves coffee, tea, animals and crafts.
GINA 7 Female Gina is an energetic 7 year girl who was recently reunified with her family. She is excited to spend her first Christmas back in her family home with her parents and newborn twin brothers.
GLADYS 11 Female Gladys has overcome a lot both physically and medically this year and continues to make strides with her pain management. She has a wonderful creative spirit despite it all.
GLANDICE 18 Female Glandice will spend her first Christmas with her family after overcoming some significant medical challenges this year.
Glare 17 Female Older sister who enjoys spending time with her family
Glenn 15 Male Glenn is a great big brother and a sweet kid. He loves sports, video games, and spending time with his family.
GLINDA 18 Female Glinda is recovering from some significant medical limitations and is pushing through despite it all.
GLISSET 6 Female Glisset is a creative little girl with an imaginative spirit.
GLOFFEN 6 Male Gloffen is a creative little guy who loves super heros and building things.
Gloria 12 Female Gloria is the cousin in this family that lives with her extended family enjoying going to the movies and the mall to hangout with friends
Gloria-Cas 11 Female Gloria is a very quiet and caring sister who enjoy time with her siblings. Gloria is very friendly and thoughtful. She enjoys watching her favorite shows with her siblings. She enjoys drawing and coloring, she is a creative artist.
Gordon 10 Male Gordon is a silly and social 10 year old who can find humor in any situation. He loves playing soccer with his family and friends. He also enjoys collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards and learning everything he can about the characters.
GRACE 18 Female Grace have overcome a tremendous amount of medical and mental health challenges and has found meditation and mindfulness to be most helpful on her journey.
Graham 17 Male Graham is a kind and thoughtful 17 year old boy on the autism spectrum. Graham loves going to school and is proud to work in his school's mail room. Graham enjoys movies and collects plush toys that represent his favorite movie characters.
Grant 11 Male Highly active kiddo plays baseball as well being an active swimmer loves to be outside and plays all kinds of activities tries his best in school despite having academic difficulties
GRANT 7 Male Grant is a creative and fun-loving child who is fascinated with his multicultural family.
Grayson 15 Male Grayson has had to handle a lot of changes in his life the past two years- and even though it was difficult at times, he continues to keep a positive attitude. He is very caring and thoughtful, he would give the shirt off his back to someone in need.
Grayson 10 Male Grayson has the amazing ability to pull things apart and the build it back together. He is well above his peers in organizing and planning. He's the most loving and nurturing of all his siblings. He hopes to be come an engineer and soccer player.
Grayson 9 Male Active little brother who always wants to swim as well as play outside loves all things superhero as well as being a big fan of horror like five nights of freddys
Grayson 0 Male The newest addition to the family, Grayson is loved by Isaac as the family adjusts to new parenting styles for both boys.
Grayson 10 Male Grayson is a quiet storm! He is super smart and gets honor roll in school. He loves animals and science. He looks up to his older brothers and enjoys playing all sports.
GREGORY 1 Male Gregory and his twin brother were recently reunited with their family and will be spending their first official Christmas together. His family has gone through a lot of transitions over the past year & so this holiday is extra special for them.
Gregory 11 Male Greg is an active and kind boy. He is doing really great in school and he loves to plays football and video games with his friends.
Gregory 12 Male Gregory is a sweet, resilient, and thoughtful young man. He loves video games and riding his bike, and he is very skilled at figuring out how to put things together he will probably make a great engineer one day!
GRETA 6 Female Greta is an amazing little girl who has a wonderful imagination.
Gretchen 1 Female Gretchen is a curious little body for she just learned to walk and talk and she has a lot to say and places to go
Griffin 10 Male Griffin is a caring and thoughtful son and older brother. He enjoys art, especially sketching, in addition to wrestling and basketball. When not in school he spends his time at the community center with friends and mentors.
Gris 17 Male Older brother who loves spending time with his family and taking pictures
GROYLE 6 Male Groyle is a creative and musically inclined little guys who loves music and musical instruments. He is also a big fan of super heros.
GULIE 9 Female Gulie is a remarkable little girl who has faced tremendous challenges and overcome.
Gus 5 Male A super curious young man that is eager to learn A big fan currently of mindcraft and puzzle building games
GWEN 6 Female Gwen is a creative and imaginative little girl who enjoys learning about nature. She is also a huge Disney fanatic.
GYASI 4 Male Gyasi is a fun-loving, witty and athletic little guy. He and his family recent relocated to new home and Gyasi is excited to have more space to play with his siblings and be a family.
GYLLIAN 17 Female Gyllian enjoys all types of music and has a creative spirit about her.
GYNNE 10 Female Gynne is the oldest of her siblings and very proud of her multicultural heritage.
Hailey 10 Female Hailey is a very creative, old soul, who loves hanging out with her younger brother and doing art projects. She enjoys reading and recently shown great strength in creative writing.
Hamid 7 Male Hamid is a nice little boy
Hania 8 Female Sweet, active, smart, talkative, curious
Hank 17 Male Young man who is currently in training to go into the construction trade. Has worked really hard to not have life events define him and has reinvented himself for the better. Is in need of appropriate work gear for the winter months.
Hank 12 Male Hank is a multi-talented superstar. He is on track to be our next president. He's intuitive, creative, loves science and math and kind to his siblings. sensory tools are his best friend!
Harmony 14 Female Harmony loves music, laughter, and joy. She is 14 years old, and is full of life , despite tremendous losses this year.
Harold 13 Male Harold is a 7th grade boy. He works hard in school and has a dream of being the first in his family to graduate from college.
Harper 13 Female Harper is such her mothers helper. She knows how hard it is to have a disabled sister and she stands up for her all the time. She loves to see other happy and spending time with her family.
Harrison 5 Male Harrison is a sweet little boy who loves Dinosaurs!
Harry 15 Male Harry is an animated young man with a vivid imagination. He enjoys playing video games, fortnite and pokemon.
Harry 15 Male Harry is a big hearted and curious boy who faithfully and without complaint, shoulders a huge family responsibility of 4 siblings while making honor roll and playing on his high school basketball team. A true teen hero and inspiration!
Harry 5 Male Harry is charismatic, playful child. He enjoys playing with superhero toys, basketballs, and coloring with his sister. He loves doing his homework and practicing his letters and is working towards writing his full name!
Harvard Atwater 11 Male Harvard is an excellent basketball player and a kind young man. Harvard is adjusting to living with extended family after a period of homelessness, and is very much looking forward to the holiday season.
Harvey 12 Male Harvey is a brilliant and dedicated student. Hes overcome many challenges in his life and hes trying his best to be a good brother and son, a good friend and excellent student. His future is bright and he knows it.
harvey 14 Male Harvey loves music and sports. He plans to attend college and become a biochemist. If is is not on the basketball court, he is helping his mom around the house or leading crazy/fun experiments with his siblings.
Hassan 11 Male Hassan is a sweet boy with severe health conditions that limits his daily activities. He is smart, funny and hardworking though. He loves socializing, playing ball and video games.
Hector 4 Male Hector is an active playful 4 year old who loves spiderman and paw patrol! He also loves sensory items and things he can be active with. Hector's mom would greatly appreciate some winter clothes and shoes for him! (size 8 clothes and 13 shoes)
Helma 2 Female Helma is the cutest thing ever. She is very talkative and smart. She lives with her grandma, mom , and uncles and never saw her father. She is mischievous, funny, curious, smart and lovely.
Henley 4 Female Henley is an adorable, creative young girl who loves playing with her sister, and is obsessed with anything princess or Shopkins themed.
Henry 12 Male Henry is a smart and bright boy. He loves math and science and wants to be a video game designer when he grows up and hopes to attend MIT.
Hermoine 17 Female Hermoine is a spunky young woman who loves music, writing songs and getting her nails done!
Hodor 17 Male Hodor is a fun, sweet, charismatic young man who loves the Patriots. His favorite class is auto shop. When he's not playing football and working on cars, he enjoys listening to music and creating beats!
Holly 17 Female Holly is a loving and fun big sister to Hope and Hunter. She is a role model and a strong support for both of them as they grow up.
Honesty 9 Female Honesty is 9 years old. She finds fun in every situation, and is able to make a competitive game out of anything. Honesty enjoys sports , dancing, and spending time with her family. This has been a tough year with many losses in the family.
Hope 7 Female Hope is a joyful and loving little girl. She loves to engage in creative play and snuggle with Mom and Dad.
Hope 17 Female Hope is a self assured young woman who has a funny personality.
Hope 6 Female Hope is an adorable, creative and energetic 6 year-old who loves drawing, creative play, and anything Five Nights at Freddys. Hope loves spending time with her family and is so excited to spend the Christmas season with her loved ones.
Hosna 11 Female Hosna is a sweet, artistic, and sensitive girl.
Hossein 17 Male Hossein is a good student at high school and works various jobs to help his family in their new country. He is funny, playful, studios, and helpful to his family. He is hoping to go to college and be a doctor.
Houdini 17 Male Young man that is working hard to keep the past in the past and focus on what he can control for his future. Enjoys high fashion as well as music and football.
Howard 16 Male Howard is a young man who loves watching animated cartoons. Howards loves animals and enjoys playing with his grandmother's pet rabbit. Howard found his new hidden talent he is great in the game four squares.
Hudson 10 Male Hudson is a caring and bright boy. He loves spending time with his family and friends. He loves WWE.
Hudson Atwater 14 Male Hudson is a kind and loyal young man. He loves his cousions and brother deeply, and works hard despite significant learning difficulty at school. Hudson loves basketball , black panther, and fortnight
Hugo 12 Male Hugo began living with his cousins recently, since Hope offered to be his main caregiver. Hugo loves anything soccer!
Hunter 14 Male Hunter is a 14 year-old boy who has welcomed his new adoptive sister with open arms. Hunter is a very sweet and caring young man who loves video games and playing games with his family.
Hunter 7 Male Hunter is creative, smart, and loves science. He has done so well in school this year and is very proud of himself. He recently started football and wants to start soccer this spring.
Ian 9 Male Ian is an animal lover and is currently writing his own book about kittens. He also loves video games, is learning violin, and builds a creative world he can escape into with them. He is funny like his mother, and skilled at story-telling.
Ian 8 Male Ian is a caring 8 year old who is always looking out for his younger siblings. Ian is having a great year at school!
Iellen M 13 Female Iellen is an exceptionally sociable youth. She is also mom's little helper and loves to cook for her siblings. She has worked hard to read at her level and is succeeding. She loves to dance and the Boys and Girls Club. She is playful and always moving.
Igor 17 Male Igor and his twin brother love playing together. They enjoy video games, and working with their dad to fix cars.
Ike 12 Male Ike is an athletic twelve year old who loves to play hockey. Ike just started middle school and is working hard on all his homework.
Ileana 8 Female Ileana is an athletic eight year old who loves her little brother. Ileana plays a lot of basketball and loves making slime too.
Illyia 13 Female This youth is creative in so many areas and hopes to go to Art School, but needs your support. She is proud of her sensitivity that makes her special. She is progressing bringing challenges she faces to adults. Everyone working w her is very proud of her.
Imagen M 17 Female Imagen excels at school and is very focused on her future. She wants to be a lawyer abd has won scholarships. She is also good at sports and citizenship. The family feels luck to have her.
Imagen M 17 Female This studious woman truly focuses on making her family proud. She excels academically and is a huge sports nut. She has college scholarships awaiting her and wants to be a lawyer. She is a loyal friend.
Indy 4 Male Indy loves imaginary play. He is a cheerful four year old who is excelling at preschool.
Inez 13 Female Inez is a strong athlete, and loves competitive sports. She is a great help to her Mom watching her younger brother, and a good friend to other students in her school. She is also enthusiastic about art.
Ingmar 10 Male Ingmar is a creative boy who loves building things. He is excelling in his school's robotics program.
Ingrid 7 Female Ingrid is a insightful seven year old. Ingrid is working hard on her reading, and loves animals.
Ingrid 8 Female Ingrid is a brave 8 year old who started at a brand new school this year. Ingrid LOVES to make slime and dreams of being a youtube star.
Innocence 16 Female Innocence is kind and sweet to those around her. She's the only introvert in a family of outgoing people. Innocence enjoys art, reading , and teasing her brothers.
Irene 18 Female Irene is an amazing young woman who is a senior high schooler. An excellent student who works on the weekends to help the family. She wants to be a nurse practitioner. She loves socializing, music and reading.
Iris 16 Female Iris is a shy girl who loves music and animals, wearing flannels and combat boots.
Irving 9 Male Irving is a 9 year old boy who loves his family and friends. He is always thinking about how to help others. Irving also loves the Avengers, and thinks often about what he would do if he were a superhero too.
Isaac 4 Male Isaac is precocious, already expressing himself through the vibrant clothing he chooses everyday for school. He loves both girls and boys clothes, so you can be creative when picking out his gifts!
Isaac 10 Male Isaac is a thoughtful, caring, and goofy boy. He enjoys basketball, riding his bike, caring for his pet dog + turtle, and playing Fortnite. His favorite subject is math. He loves spending time with his mom and brother.
Isaac 8 Male Isaac is a humorous, warm, and silly young boy. He really enjoys anything related to Ninja Turtles and Avengers. He also has a great drawing talent! Isaac works really hard at school and at home. He is a great big brother to his little sister too.
Isaac M 14 Male Isaac is loved in the neighborhood for being a helper. He is a sports nut and is now really buckling down at school and starting to do much better. He is a joyful kid and very energetic.
Isabel 13 Female Isabel loves sports, and is good at all of them. She works hard in school, and helps tend her baby brother when needed. She is a great support to her twin sister.
Isabella 0 Female Isabella is a grandchild of client who resides with client due to her mother being homeless.
Isabelle 16 Female Isabelle is a clever and charming 16 year old high school junior. She recently moved into a foster placement through the home and started a new high school. She has been adjusting very well and is happy to be living in a family environment.
Isac 13 Male Studious young man who is determined to study hard and work hard and give back to his family and community.
Isaiah 11 Male Isaiah is a funny and engaging young man. He enjoys video games and watching Pokemon. He is also a great reader and mathematician!
Isaiah 9 Male Isaiah is an outgoing happy boy who enjoys playing with his brothers and friends, hes very good at math and loves going to school. Isaiah is often focused on making sure his friends and family members are happy.
Isiah 10 Male Isiah is a super smart ten year old who just started at a new school. Isiah loves robotics and taking care of his dog.
Israel 2 Male Israel is a happy two year old who loves his older sister. Israel is learning to play sports with her too.
Ivan 17 Male Ivan loves playing with his twin brother and fixing cars with his father.
Ivan 8 Male Super active young man that loves soccer as well as WWE a big fan of his PS4 and enjoys using his imagination with friends
Ivan 4 Male Ivan is a happy and thriving four year old who loves VAMPIRES and Monsters. He is learning how to count and color and could use some Holiday cheers this Christmas. He loves blocks and can benefit from some soft learning blocks.
Izzie 13 Female Outgoing teenager who loves to be creative and help around the house
Izzy 13 Female Izzy is a foodie who loves to bake, cook and share her creations with kids in her program.
Izzy 2 Female Izzy is happy and energetic 2 year old little girl. Izzy is a big sister and loves to dance to music and play outside with her younger sister. Izzy is a quick learner and loves to play with dolls, blocks and learning toys.
Izzy 13 Female Izzy is a creative and caring young lady. She is a talented artist, and she enjoys spending time with animals and baking.
Izzy 7 Female
J'san 3 Male J'san likes Boss Baby and would like to be a boss and watch all the movies he wants because in a house of 8 adopted and bio siblings he rarely gets that chance. J'san boasts that he gets bigger everyday, so new clothes are often a necessity.
Jace 10 Male Jace is a loving brother who struggles with anxiety. Over the past year he has been overcoming his fear of interacting with different people.
Jack 10 Male Jack is a loving and happy boy. He loves to play football and basketball. He plays video games and goes out with his friends, he's hoping for Nerf Guns for Christmas to have battles with his brother and friends.
Jack 18 Male Jack is a disciplined young man who has a keen interest in Martial Arts. He loves to challenge peers to games, he enjoys MMA fighting and has a competitive spirit. His goal is to compete in a competition to show off fighting skills.
Jack 5 Male Jack is an energetic youth, who enjoys spending time with his family. Jack likes to play outside, ride his bike, and do arts and crafts (e.g., Play-Doh).
Jack 6 Male Jack is the youngest son of the Yang family. Jack was adopted by Julia when he was 4 y.o. Everyone who meets him will say he is smart, kind, and charming, and that he has the biggest and cutest smile!
Jackson 10 Male Jackson enjoys making people laugh. He likes to play board games and dance. No one seems to master the floss quite like him.
Jackson 12 Male Jackson is the youngest in the family and a budding chef, as he likes to help his sister get food ready for dad when he's on his way home from work. Jackson is a natural comedian and likes to be center stage whenever he can.
Jacob 9 Male Jacob is a 9 year old boy who enjoys basketball, legos, video games and sports. He is a fan of superheroes and ninja turtles, as well as comic books.
Jacob 13 Male Jacob is very outgoing.He likes to bring joy to those around him. He tries to cheer up his family when they are mad/sad.
Jade-mir 9 Female Jade loves music videos and to sing. Her favorite pass time is to sing around the house with her twin sister.
Jaden 7 Male Energetic 7 year old who loves music
Jaden 4 Male Jaden lives in an amazing family with 5 adopted children. He loves to watch blaze the the car and with his brother shares a mutual love of dinosaurs.
Jai 6 Female youngest child of 3 who loves playing with her older siblings
Jake 14 Male Loving older brother who loves basketball
Jaleea 16 Female Youth is working towards beauty school and has recently reacquired a home, and is in need of startup supplies/commonly used items.
James 17 Male A 17 year old male. He enjoys playing video games. He also likes watching basketball, his favorite team is the Celtics.
James 7 Male James is always up to something, though his killer smile and mischievous expressions have gotten him out of more than one tough situation. An avid soccer fan, James looks up to his dad and they spend time watching games together on the weekends.
James 3 Male James looks up to his older brothers and wants to do everything they do. He still has his own interests that include cars and watching the Minions on repeat.
James 14 Male James is a 14 year old boy who enjoys swimming, soccer and basketball. He also enjoys Netflix and HBO, as well as his PS4. James also enjoys outdoor activities such as biking and using a scooter.
Jamicyn 16 Male Jamicyn is a fun-loving young man. He loves to tell jokes! Jamicyn enjoys spending time with family and friend.s In his spare time, Jamicyn like to watch variety of sporting events including basketball, football, hockey, horse and car racing.
Jan 14 Female Jan is a talented young lady who enjoys playing the french horn, listening to music and creating her own songs.
Jan 1 Female Jan is a very happy baby and loves to explore everything. Jan has a great love for sesame street, her eyes shine bright when she watches it. That is when her three older brothers give her a turn to watch something.
Janie 16 Female Janie is a free spirited young lady who loves makeup and reading books.
Jared 13 Male Jared is a pleasant young man who enjoys video games, going to the library, and playing basketball.
Jared 13 Male Jared is a bright and articulate kid who, at any given moment, can be found caring for his baby bunny or telling his brothers funny stories. His high energy and continuous storytelling will have you on the edge of your seat.
Jared 1 Male Youngest member of a large family who loves soft toys and sing along books
Jared 15 Male Jared does well in school and loves to help his mom around the house. He loves video games and history class.
Jason 18 Male Jason is an 18 year old young man who enjoys basketball and video games. He is also a history fan and enjoys history books. His favorite place to shop is Footlocker and his favorite brand of clothes is Levi and Nike
Jason 15 Male Jason is a very good student, he's taking some honors and AP courses currently. He like spending time with family and friends. He plays soccer and tennis, drawing and sometimes helps wash the dishes.
Jason 5 Male Jason is a energetic little boy. He loves doing puzzles and building with legos. Jason has a great imagination and uses it in his play.
Jason 11 Male A talented builder and inventor, Jason thinks outside the box when it comes to imaginative play. He is a sensitive and incredibly kindhearted kid who can be misunderstood by his peers but who is always looking for connection with others.
Jasper 7 Male Jasper is a old soul, sensitive to the feelings of others & mature enough to express his own. A quiet & calm presence in a chaotic home, Jasper can be found watching Adventuretime or creating new adventures for his favorite superhero, Batman.
Jasper 0 Male Jasper is a sweet, happy, and curious baby. He has had a huge positive impact on the family and especially his big brother. Jasper has been helping his big brother with learning about older brother responsibilities and family bonding.
Jax 0 Male Jax may decide to meet his family in time to join the holiday fun. His 3yo and 4yo siblings will be happy to open gifts for their new baby brother.
Jaxson 8 Male Jaxson is a sweet and kind boy. He has been homeless and now living with others in a room, he has no space of his own. He was recently diagnosed with autism. He loves his mom and they really deserve something special.
Jay 9 Male Jay is a sweet, loving 9-year-old boy who is excited to grow up and play on the Red Sox. Jay is constantly considerate of other people's feelings.
Jay 16 Female Jay is a bright 16 year old teenager. Jasmine is very athletic and enjoys softball and soccer. Jasmine enjoys shopping and loves anything NIKE. Jasmine takes pride in being an Honor Roll student and looks forward to attending college one day.
Jay 8 Female Energetic 8 year old who loves cheerleading, tumbling and arts & crafts
Jaya 10 Female Jaya loves spending time with her siblings and all animals! Jaya loves making slime and drawing with her sister!
Jayden 11 Male Jayden is a kind hard working, and trustworthy person. He has an intellectual disability, but that doesn't get in the way of him learning new things, making new friends, and growing as a person and student.
Jean 16 Male Jean is a kind hearted young man who enjoys listening to music, playing basketball and watching the Patriots.
Jeff 17 Male Jeff is a 17 year old boy who likes basketball, video games and scary movies. He also likes the Celtics, board games and shopping.
Jeff 13 Male Jeff is so sweet, always caring about his mom and little brother first! Jeff is a talented drawer and the best video gamer on the block!
Jen 18 Female Jenny is a loving older sister who loves to play soccer
jennifer 18 Female Jennifer is an 18 year old young adult who has had to deal with a lot of moves over the past year and attending different schools
Jennifer 15 Female Jennifer is a 15 year old girl who enjoys coloring and painting. She is also a big fan of poetry and movies. Jennifer also likes to shop and play games.
Jenny 7 Female loving and energetic 7 year old who is struggling to adjust to a new culture and learn a new language
Jeremiah 4 Male Jeremiah is a curious young boy who enjoys using his imagination. He gets along well with his siblings and always tries to be a helper whenever he can.
Jeremiah 16 Male Jeremiah is a youth who is looking forward to joining JobCorps. Jeremiah is an insightful youth who is playful and humorous.
Jeremy 6 Male Jeremy is a 6 yo boy who enjoys showing his mom and grandma things he learned. Jeremy is energetic and likes to play with his brother. Jeremy also likes Paw Patrol. He is known as the comedian in the family.
Jeremy 4 Male Jeremy is a 4 year old boy who loves playing with puzzles, legos, and cars.
Jerry 13 Male Jerry is 13 year old boy who enjoys basketball and video games. He also enjoys Magic the Gathering, movies and Pokemon
Jess 7 Female Jess is a sassy little thing! She enjoys spending time with her friends as well as her family. She reports that she loves school and learning new things.
Jess 11 Female Personable, talkative youth, who enjoys spending time with friends, dancing, and expressing herself in a creative way.
Jesse 15 Male Jesse is a 15 year old boy who loves basketball, movies and reading. He is an NBA fan (Celtics) and likes video games and stuffed animals.
Jesse 15 Male Jesse loves to play video games and basketball. Jesse is working hard at school and is proud to get good grades. He's a fan of the Red Sox and the Patriots.
Jessica 5 Female Jessica is a bright, friendly, energetic and curious girl who has just begun Kindergarten II and loves learning at school and at home. She is artistic, creative and loves spending time and playing with her older sister.
Jessica 16 Female Jessica is really a girly girl she loves shopping and getting her nails done when she is on a home pass with her mom. Jessica loves swimming and cooking. Jessica likes to read in her down time.
Jessica 14 Female Jessica is a caring, playful, and sensitive girl. She loves spending time with her pets, specifically her dogs and guinea pig! She also enjoys talking with her siblings and creating art. Jessica has worked very hard over the last year!
Jessie 5 Male Jessie a five year old boy with high energy and love of sports, superheroes, and paw patrol
Jesus 11 Male Jesus is a smart, talkative boy who enjoys imaginative play, drawing and playing his favorite game Fortnight.
Jewel 7 Female Jewel says I would love to ride a pony but living in a group home, I can't get a pony. Jewel will soon be moving home and would like to watch pony's on her own iPad. Size 10, 12
Jimmy 2 Male James is a happy and very active 2 year old boy. He loves to play with superheros and legos with his friends and loves any opportunity to play with any form of technology. He is a size 3T
JJ 12 Female Besides mom, JJ is the only girl in the family! JJ loves playing sports and watching tv shows. She recently started attending a new school and has received a lot of compliments about how she is a model student in both academics and behaviors.
Joanie 2 Female Joanie is a happy toddler who loves to run around and make people smile.
Jocelyn 5 Female Jocelyn loves to play with dolls and can be extremely creative when playing with them, making up stories and all. She is a very happy girl and loves to laugh.
Joe 7 Male loving older brother who always has a big imagination
Joe 2 Male Loving toddler who always tries to keep up with his older siblings
Joel 15 Male Somehow both innocent for his age & wise beyond his years, Joel is playful, imaginative, funny, & very attuned to the needs of others. Joel can often be found helping his mother make dinner or hanging upside down off the couch, feet in the air.
Joey 10 Male Joey is an old soul who enjoys anything 90s related. Joey loves to play outside whether its a pickup football game or exploring the neighborhood. Joey enjoys spending time with his family.
Joey 15 Male Loving older brother who likes sports
Joey 7 Male Loving older brother who has a big imagination and enjoys playing on computers
John 14 Male Friendly, humorous, and energetic adolescent, who relates well to others. Enjoys playing sports and activities that involve competition.
John 17 Male John is into photography and loves to capture good moments on camera. He enjoys writing poems and Journaling . He is responsible and respectful and his goal is to graduate from high school and work to live independently.
John 16 Male John is a 16 year old high school student who has a passion for writing and recording music. He loves soccer, his home country of Brazil, and spending time with his friends.
John-Cas 9 Male John is a 9 yrs old who is full of energy and enjoys coloring. John is funny, creative and enjoys playing with his siblings. Spongebob is his favorite show and he enjoys watching with his brother and sisters.
Jojo-ode 6 Female Jojo is a great helper and she loves playing with her dolls. She also enjoys playing video games with her siblings and coloring.
Jona 17 Male Jona is an insightful young male who enjoys being an uncle and supporting his family. Jona enjoys drawing and embracing his creative side.
Jonathan 16 Male Jon is a designer and loves to get on the computer and design his own clothes. In a house of 8 adopted and bio children, he would love to have his own things and to design his own clothing line.
Jordan 9 Male Jordan is a very caring and thoughtful boy, especially regarding his little sister and his nephew. He is a great artist and enjoys building things.
Jordan 17 Female Jordan has always been interested in taking pictures and becoming a photographer. Jordan embraces an androgenus gender identity. Jordan is physically active in a variety of sports.
Jordan 14 Male Jordan is a thoughtful and considerate young man who enjoys playing basketball, riding his bike, and learning about computers.
Jordan 11 Male
Jorge 13 Male Jorge is a 13 year old boy who enjoys video games and sports. He enjoys Marvel Avengers, animals, arts and crafts and reading. He also enjoys Transformers and movies.
Joseph 11 Male Joseph loves football, basketball and watching tv.
Joseph 1 Male Joseph is a 2 months old son of Jonathan. Joseph was born this past September and since then has been receiving a lot of love and care from everyone in the family.
Joseph 9 Male Joseph is an active 9 year old boy who loves sports, playing in the park, and dancing. He is interested in gaming, playing outside with friends, and following Boston sports games. Has two older brothers he looks up to.
Joseph 15 Male Joseph looks up to his dad and is proud to share his name. An active and energetic 15 year old, Joseph spends most of his time biking around the neighborhood and doing back flips off the couch into anything soft he can find.
Joseph-Cas 9 Male Joseph is a throughout and helpful brother that enjoys playing with his siblings. He enjoys watching TV with the family and spending time with them. Joseph is creative and loves to draw.
Josiah 14 Male Josiah is a smart, humorous young man who enjoys spending time with his nephews. He enjoys reading, playing basketball, and listening to music.
Josiah 10 Male Josiah is 10 year old boy who enjoys race cars and Avengers. Josiah is known for being helpful in the house and caring for his family. He enjoys spending time with his mom. He enjoys going to school but has a hard time with academics.
Juan 3 Male Energetic 3 year old who likes to pretend he is a superhero
Juan 5 Male Juan is the sweetest, most polite child you'll meet. With his slender frame you wouldn't imagine how much Juan LOVES to eat. This is Juan's first Christmas reunited with his bio siblings. He's asking for a tablet and a big red car.
Juan 11 Male Juan is a bright and active boy. He loves to plays basketball and hopes to join the team at school soon.
Juan 3 Male Energetic, the youngest of the bunch, whom likes to pretend he's a super hero.
Jubilant 4 Female Jubilant has a big imagination and says that one day she will look like a princess. She couldn't get what she wanted last year so was hoping again for this year.
Judah 16 Male Judah's quick wit & genuinely kind heart make him a true original. Often found playing basketball, Judah is friendly & outgoing, with an uncanny ability to read other people and a low tolerance for insincerity.
Jude 16 Male Jude is a very nice young man that loves to be around his large blended family of biological siblings and young adopted siblings. As one of the eldest, Jude often helps out with the young kids.
Julia 16 Female Julia is a kind , friendly, outgoing young woman who loves spending time with her friends. She is a natural leader and is greatly enjoying being a captain on her cheer team this year.
Julian 4 Male Julian is a very active 4 year old who enjoys playing with all kinds of cars, race cars, motorcycles and trucks. He is also interested in learning activities. He wears a size 6/7
Julie 13 Female Julie is a very active girl who loves to sing, dance and listen to music.
Juliet 16 Female Juliet loves scented lotions from Victoria Secret and wants to have her own line and store one day.
Junior - ode 14 Male Junior is a very active young boy he loves playing video games with his siblings and his friends.
Jye 15 Male Jye says I like everything, even girls lotion because it makes me smell better. When I grow up I want to learn how to do hair.
Kai 4 Female This little one loves to dance and explore!
Kai 14 Male An outgoing 14 year old who loves to draw
Kaili 7 Female Kaili loves to dress up in princess clothes, cook with plastic food and make beautiful creations with art materials.
Karen 9 Female Karen loves to spend time with her siblings, playing in the park and being creative.
Karina 1 Female Karina is an adorable 1 and a half year old. She has 4 big brothers who love her and take care of her, but who also make a lot of noise and have so much energy. She loves to laugh and play.
Katherine 19 Female Katherine is so sweet and kind, she would do anything for her siblings. She considers herself to be a role model to her younger brother and takes his success very seriously. She has a great sense of humor and is constantly making those who know her laugh
Katie 18 Female Katie is a self assured young woman who dreams of going to college after senior year!
Kayden 9 Male Kayden is a very energetic and enthusiastic child. He enjoys puzzles, word searches, and creating thing. His family has been through a lot these last two years, but despite this, he tries to do well in school.
kayla 8 Female Outgoing younger child who loves slime and barbies
Kaylee 9 Female Kaylee likes to read and play school with her siblings. She also enjoys making slime. Although she was born with a hole in her heart, that doesn't stop her from keeping up with her siblings. She loves to sing and dance.
KCC 3 Male KCC is a smart and happy 3 yr old boy. He loves to play with cars and build with Legos.
Kelly 17 Female Kelly enjoys spending time with her younger sister, teaching her how to use makeup and enjoying 'girl time' together. Kelly sustains a loving and trusting relationship with her Dad and is working hard to strengthen her relationship with her Mom.
Kelly 8 Female Kelly loves Monster High, Justice, Descendents, Happily Ever After High, and my little pony. Kelly paints her nails every day and identifies as a girly girl! Kelly loves all things food and arts and crafts.
Kelly 16 Female Kelly is shy and talented young woman who enjoys applying makeup to make her feel pretty and special.
Kelsey 7 Female Kelsey is a high energy spunky girl who loves to play outside.
Ken 0 Male
Kevante 9 Male Kevante is an adorable young boy who wishes he could spend more time with his mother. He enjoys playing games, listening to music and building things.
Kevin 9 Male Kevin has had a fantastic start to the school year after a very difficult school year previously. He enjoys being outside in nature, arts & crafts, and being with his baby brother.
Kevin 1 Male Energetic 1 year old who loves Elmo and playing with his brother
Kevin 4 Male Kevin is an excitable boy who lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is learning sign-language, and he loves to re-enact the shows he watches for his family. His favorites are Spongebob, the Incredible Hulk, and Paw Patrol.
Kevin 16 Male Kevin is a 16 year old boy who enjoys games, rocks and action movies. He is also a Batman fan, card games and Xbox games.
Kevin 7 Male Kevin is a 7-year-old witty young boy who enjoys asking questions, coloring and drawing. Kevin enjoys spending time with family. Kevin hopes to get lots of toys for the holidays.
Khal 14 Male Khal spends his time playing basketball at the community center and watching Celtics game.
Kiki 16 Male Kiki is a free spirited youth who enjoys to spend time painting, sketching and chilling.
Kim 7 Female Kim is a social and spunky 7 year old young lady. She loves looking stylish and making art projects. She's also working hard on learning to read with her foster mom.
Kingston 17 Male Trendy 17 year old who is very into fashion and music
Kris 5 Male Kris is a excited, high energy 5 year old who LOVES superheroes and minions. He wears a size 5 or size small. his pants need to have adjustable waist as he is a little one!
Kyla 15 Female Kyla is a creative girl who enjoys listening to music, arts and crafts and spending time with her friends.
Kyle 15 Male A loving older brother who loves being out and about
Kyle 3 Male Kyle is an energetic & bright eyed three-year-old. He loves to play with his brothers and sister, and to discover new things.
Kyrie 17 Male Kyrie is insightful and reflective, and has the ability to relate well to nearly anyone. He enjoys playing basketball, spending time with friends, and listening to music. He is driven and determined to further his education and career in the future.
L. B 6 Male L is an energetic and smart six year old boy. L lives with his parents and he's very excited to see Santa at this coming holiday.
Lamont 10 Male Lamont is a kind and caring ten year old boy who lives with his mother and 3 younger sisters. He has been enjoying his new ability to explore his neighborhood and would love new toys he can bring to the park.
Lana 16 Female Lana is a shy and quiet high school sophmore who loves makeup and dressing up.
Lance 1 Male With cheeks to die for & a grip that won't quit, Lance is a bundle of joy. Whether he is dancing with his great-grandmother, chewing on anything he can get his hands on, or crawling around at high speeds, Lance keeps his mom & dad on the go.
Lance 18 Male Lance is an 18 year old high school student who is the middle child of an older and younger brother. He is hardworking and enjoys sports, gaming and dancing. He is a good role model for his younger brother.
Lanelle 9 Female Lanelle is thoughtful and kind. She loves to draw and to make up handshakes. She lives with her mother and younger sister. She has had a tough year. She and her family are working to find a school that can provide her with the academic support she needs.
Lauren 14 Female Lauren is a sweet, kindhearted and thoughtful girl. She has improved so much. She has been doing so much better academically, mentally, and socially. She gives me hope, she has begun to accept help from others, which was once a challenge for her.
Lawrence 7 Male The most energetic 7 year old around!! Lawrence adores his big brother and loves cars, Black Panther and video games!
Layla 10 Female Layla has a big imagination and loves making her sister and mom laugh! Layla is a girly-girl who takes her style very seriously!
Leah 18 Female Leah is an artsy young woman who enjoys painting her nails, arts and crafts and reading young adult novels.
LeBron 5 Male LeBron is a bright and loving 5-year old who has overcome many challenges. He lives with his mother and younger sister. LeBron's mother has struggled with health issues and would deeply appreciate any help she can get this season.
Lee 9 Male Lee is the observer of the family. He can take some time to come out of his shell, but, at home, he loves to laugh & pranks his mom & brothers when they least expect it. Lee is a talented artist & can be found drawing on his own for hours.
LeeAnn 2 Female LeeAnn is an adorable young girl who loves to laugh and play.
Leila 16 Female Leila is free spirited young lady who loves music, pop culture and performing music on her oboe.
Lennox 7 Male With his endless energy and cheerful demeanor, Lennox is the center of attention in any room. Lennox is respectful to adults, but can hold his own with his older brothers without batting an eye.
Lenny 9 Male Lenny is a charismatic and fun 9-year old boy who has had a very difficult year. He lives with his grandmother and his older brother and sister.
Lenox 12 Male Video games are like my father they entertain me but also give me rage . my favorite subject is math because its challenging like to slove problems and sometime i like to be alone. i love anime -movies, shows and books. i like Pokemon
Leo 2 Male Leo is an affectionate and loving 2-year old boy. He loves being read to by his Mom and chasing around his older brothers.
Leonardo 11 Male Leonardo is a thoughtful, contemplative 11 year old boy. He lives with his Grandmother, his older sister and his younger brother. He likes to spend hours on end completing complicated building projects. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up.
Levi 10 Male Levi is very energetic, outgoing, caring, and sensitive. He works hard in the classroom and is making great progress! Levi loves football, music, and video games.
Levi 15 Male Levi enjoys playing the ukulele and making friends laugh.
Lex- Ode 10 Female Lex is a 10 year old young girl who lives with her mother and her bigger brother. She enjoys watching movies together as a family and playing with her toys.
Leyanna 10 Female Leyanna is a fun active young girl who enjoys soccer, ice skating and art.
Liam 5 Male Liam is very thoughtful and always mindful of others. He asks what's wrong when someone's sad, and shares/gives toys to kids who don't have them.
Liam 7 Male Liam is a loving and energetic 7-year old boy. As the oldest of 6 children in his household, he is tremendously proud of his role as big brother. He derives great pleasure from making his younger siblings laugh when they are feeling down.
Liam 14 Male Liam is a funny jokester who enjoys playing with his pokemon cards, dungeon and dragons and legos.
Lillian 17 Female Lillian is resourceful, funny and hard working. She loves math and enjoys solving equations. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.
Lin 3 Female Lin loves all things animals as well as Disney Princesses
Lincoln 13 Male Lincoln is a bright and active young man. He loves playing basketball and football with his brother and friends. He hope to join the football team in school.
Liza 0 Female Liza is the baby of a household with 6 children. She is adored by her older brothers and the feeling is mutual.
Logan 14 Male Logan is a die-hard fan of WWE, but has a gentle spirit and can never turn down a friend in need. He enjoys spending time with his younger brothers and cousins, and says he wants to take care of the environment when he grows up.
Lola 8 Female
London 4 Female London is a loving and sweet girl. This is her first year in Big girl school and she is doing excellent. She loves to sing and dance and put a smile on everyone's face.
London 7 Female London is outgoing and sociable! She is independent, helpful, and has leadership qualities. London loves music, arts and crafts, cooking, and baking.
Lucas 4 Male Lucas is an outgoing and affectionate 4-year old boy. He loves to laugh and can usually be found trying to keep up with his two older brothers.
Lucas 4 Male Lucas is a curious and affectionate 4 year old. He loves to color and play with cars. He's learning to share with the other foster kiddo in his home.
Lucy 6 Female Lucy is a bright and energetic girl. Lucy enjoys being active and attends dance and gymnastics. Lucy loves to dress up her Barbies and enjoys going shopping with her foster mom. Lucy loves technology and learning new things.
Luis 12 Male Luis is a loving older brother who loves the Celtics and Kryie Irving. Luis also enjoys watching wrestling
Luis 8 Male Luis is a creative and active boy. He loves to play video games and listen to music.
Luke 12 Male Luke is an active and bright 12 year old boy who loves sports especially soccer and basketball.
Luke 13 Male Luke is an active 13 year old with a vivid imagination and a taste for adventure. Luke enjoys creating epic stories either on the page or with friends across playgrounds and parks near his home.
Luke 8 Male Luke is a 9-year old boy who LOVES Thomas the Tank and as he puts it, anything with wheels! Luke wears a boys medium, or size 10.
Luke 5 Male Luke is a funny, affectionate and fiercely loyal 5-year old boy. He the 2nd oldest of 6 children in his household. He can almost always be found on the move with a smile on his face.
M. D 13 Female M is a friendly young lady. She loves to greet and say hi to friends.
Mabasham 1 Female Mabasham is a baby on the way!
Maddie 11 Female Maddie is an energetic 11-year-old who spends her free time creating arts and crafts and making slime. Maddie is an avid Dance Moms fan and follows all popular YouTube channels.
Maddy ING 8 Female Maddy is very talent girls who is very creative and loving. She helps her family by doing her chores and school work. Her dream is to go to college.
Madeline 19 Female Madeline is a kind young adult who although she has been through a lot is very caring and considerate of others. She often looks to help others and often at her own expense.
Madelyn 11 Female Madelyn is a friendly and polite young girl who enjoys being curious and playing with others. She always has something kind and encouraging to say to those who need extra support.
Maelo J 10 Male Maelo is a hard working young men who is always helping his mother and siblings; he is hoping to go to college.
Maggie 11 Female Maggie is a driven and intelligent middle school student who enjoys reading and learning. Maggie loves animals and hopes to become a vet. Maggie likes trips to the beach library Starbucks and Target. Maggie is creative and enjoys creating arts and crafts.
Majarisham 10 Male Majarisham is an energetic and athletic 10-year-old boy. He loves basketball, drawing, and playing with his friends. He is also very caring and creative.
Malcolm 9 Male Malcolm is a polite, friendly boy. He is happy with whatever he gets. His family is struggling with financial issues right now.
Mar 5 Male Loving 5 year old who loves all super heroes and would love new spiderman bedding
Maria Osoing 10 Female Maria is a loving girl who is always helping her family. Her diagnosis of ADHD with social anxiety; her hope is to be a lawyer.
Maricio ING 10 Male Maricio is a hard working young men who is always helping his parents.
Marie 11 Female Marie is a sweet young woman who enjoys to spend time with her family and friends.
Marielimaldo 15 Female Marielimaldo is a very happy girl who love school , she likes to write and color, she enjoy helping her mom around the house .
Mariemaldo 9 Female Mariemaldo is the older girl in her family. She is a very smart young girl who love her family and try to help her mother all the time.
Marimaldo 14 Female Marimaldo is a smart young lady who have some difficulties getting out of the house , she is a loving daughter who loves art and spend time together with her mother.
Mark 7 Male A sweet and kind young boy who sometimes gets lost in the shuffle as the youngest of 3 boys in the home. He loves to engage in books and video games to keep him positive and well behaved.
Mark 11 Male Mark is an 11 year old boy who enjoys video games, shopping, magic cards and horses. He also enjoys board games, remote control cars and shopping.
Mark 12 Male Mark loves a variety of sports and has recently found a love of football Mark is a huge fan of Odell Beckham Jr of the New York Giants and will spend hours on end at the park tossing the football around
Marling 14 Female Marling is resilient and loving daughter. she support her mother everyday with house chores.
Marling ING 14 Female Marling is young girl who loves keeping her creativity, always wanting to try something new. Recently, she was assaulted in the community and is struggling; she been learning new ways to cope to reach her dreams.
Marlo A 13 Male Marlo is a loving boy who is always helping his family by taking care of his siblings. He loves to participate in physical activities.
Marlon 12 Male Marlon is a relaxed pre-teen who approaches every problem with a sense of humor. He enjoys computer games, board games, and building things. He likes seeing friends at school and is a focused student, although he's very excited for the winter vacation!
Marlow 13 Female Marlow is a sweet, engaging, and funny girl. She has lived with her grandmother her whole life. Although having experienced more than her fair share of tough times, she loves to make others laugh.
MarNai 18 Male MarNai is a driven 18yo male who is very charismatic. He values family and looks forward to the holidays as it bring the his bundle of joy.
Martin 11 Male Martin is an 11 year old boy who enjoys legos, Bruder toys and Matchbox cards. He enjoys books about trucks and vehicles, as well as watching movies and playing cards.
Martin 13 Male Martin is a caring adolescent who enjoys playing video games as well as other activities. Martin loves mine craft and uses it to create some imaginative creations. Martin also enjoys movies, specifically comic book related movies.
Marty 8 Male A fun and energetic young boy who has stayed positive and upbeat even as he has been forced to live with extended family. Even through adversity he has become a important part of the family.
Maryanne 1 Female Baby girl who has a tremendous amount of love for her big brother and cant stand to be away from him for more than a couple hours. Loves Minnie Mouse and Disney characters.
Matthew 7 Male Matthew is a very kind and energetic 3rd grader. He enjoys doing things with his family and playing on the recreational football team. Matthew is very creative and loves to do hands on activities!
Matthew 13 Male Matthew is a bright and caring middle school student who loves to show off his Fortnite dance moves. He enjoys playing Fortnite and basketball with his friends in his free time. Matt is an avid Star Wars fan and loves all superheroes.
Meinamaldo 8 Female Keniamaldo is a very active girl who love dancing and Gymnastics, she is happy more of the time but sometime she get sad when she see her family living in just one bedroom.
Mel 13 Female Mel is a driven middle school student who enjoys learning and attending school each day with her friends. She spends time outside of school drawing and engaging in video games.
Meo-Cot 7 Male Meo is an active, caring, and spontaneous young boy. He enjoys playing with his bey blades, using his 3DS and watching nickelodeon.
mevemaldo 7 Male Kevemaldo is a very active boy who love video games , he want to spend time with his sibling in the park
Mi 19 Female Loving older sister who enjoys listening to music and doing hair
Mia 13 Female Mia is extremely active and creative. When she isn't at basketball practice or hip hop dance rehearsal, she is busy creating arts and crafts projects, baking, and spending time outdoors with her best friends.
Mia 9 Female Mia is resilient and loving girls who is working hard to regulated her emotions by learning coping skills.
Miaing 14 Female She loves to read. His favorite books are Harry Potter and Captain Underpants. Her diagnosis of ADHD with anxiety; she loves art to help her cope with social anxiety.
Michael 18 Male Michael is an 18 year old young man who enjoys video games, Frisbee and drawing. He also enjoys drawing, shopping and comedians.
Michael 11 Male Michael is a very sweet and compassionate boy who loves video games, music, and drawing. He wants to be an animator when he grows up. This year he is taking up the violin and his music teacher says he's a natural.
michelle 15 Female Athletic teen loves spending time outdoors playing sports youth is very involved in her community and loves volunteering at community centers & spent her thanksgiving feeding homeless people youth also loves caring for animals
Mike 17 Male Mike is a hard worker who values family and loves to spend time with friends. His hobby is writing rhymes and rapping. His goal is to graduate from high school and provide and live independently.
Mikey 9 Male Mikey is an active 9 year old boy. He enjoys playing with his brother outside and jumping on the trampoline.
Milmaldo 3 Male Dimaldo is a happy boy who loves to plays with his sisters. He recently starts going to head start and he love it.
Milnai 16 Female Milnai is a very smart young girl, she loves school and really values her education. She loves her family very much and is wanting to continue to strengthen her relationship with her sibling. Her favorite past time is watching YouTube videos
Milton- Cot 17 Male Milton- cot is a creative, outgoing and aspiring artist/drummer. He enjoys jazz music , drawing and dancing.
MinhLPV 17 Male Minh can use jackets/coats (mid-length and with hood) and sweaters/long sleeve shirts in size L, and bedsheets, pillow sheets, comforter and duvets for size Queen in Navy and Grey, sneakers and snow/winter boots in size 9 men.
mohammad 15 Male 15 yr old who likes to surf the internet and listen to music. in school history is my favorite subject. i like basket ball and enjoy talking to people and begin nice
MonaLPV 13 Female Mona can use elastic pants/jeans in size 18-20 youth, jackets and sweaters/long sleeve shirts in size SM-MED, and bedsheets, pillow sheets, comforter and duvets for size Queen in bright colors, sneakers and snow/winter boots in size 8.5 women.
Morgan 14 Female Morgan is sweet and caring girl. She loves to spend time with friends and family having lost her Dad when she was in 2nd grade. She also recently lost someone who was like a big brother to her.
Moses 14 Male Moses is a social butterfly who enjoys playing basketball, listening to music and playing video games.
Myis-Ode 8 Male Myis is a very sweet young boy that loves to make tall building with his blocks and legos. One of his favorite pass time is playing with his brother and building together.
MyLPV 12 Female My has schizophrenic disorder and as been struggling with battling voices inside of her head telling her to hurt herself and others, particularly her sick Grandma and 3 yo sister. She has been working really hard to restructure her thoughts and voices.
Nagabisham 14 Male Nagabisham is a patient, cheerful teenage boy. He is interested in computer games and design and also likes to spends time with his family, including watching movies or TV with his sisters.
Nalika 17 Female Nalika is working hard to prepare for college. She's a great big sister to Marlon and enjoys watching movies with him. She's close with her parents and loves joking around with her mom and spending time with family.
Nanamaldo 4 Female Nanamaldo is a sweet girl who love to play with her brother , she enjoy coloring with her mom and love to go to school.
Nangisham 17 Female Nangisham is a kind, smart teenage girl who is on the autism spectrum. She loves animals and enjoys spending time with her family's pets.
Nanimaldo 13 Male Wanimaldo is a very special boy , who have been suffered many traumas in his young life. He struggle at school do to been bullying by his peers . He loves football and basketball.
Nano F ING 16 Male Nano is a hard working young men, who support his mother and siblings . He help his bother who has social anxiety and struggles in school.
Naomi 18 Female Naomi is a sweet and friendly young woman. She loves doing community service with her school.
Narimaldo 5 Female Sarimaldo is a happy girl who love Babies and princess, she sometime think that her father is still with them , it has been a very hard process for the whole family specially for Sarimaldo and her sister.
Natalie 2 Female Natalie is a energetic and happy girl. Natalie loves playing house using her baby doll and dressing her in different outfits. During quiet time, she loves to listen to books read to her and snuggle with her older sister!
Natalie 4 Female Youth is a loving smart toddler who enjoys playing dress up and helping grandmother around the house youth enjoys baking cookies and sharing them with neighbors and guest that come over to the house
Natalie-Cas 14 Female Natalie is a wonderful older sister who enjoys spending time with her youngest siblings. Natalie loves the time she has with her family and enjoys movie nights with them. She is super creative and detail oriented. She mindful of other and thoughtful.
Nathan 12 Male Nathan is a smart, funny, and engaging middle school student who loves playing video games, soccer, and is beginning to be interested in football. Nathan has a great sense of humor and likes to make his friends and family laugh.
Nayemaldo 16 Female Nayemaldo is a loving girl who is always helping her family by taking care of her youngest sister . She loves sports and try to participate in physical activities at school most of the time.
Ned 10 Male Ned is a imaginative young boy who enjoys pretending to be a detective and spy.
Negasi 7 Male Negasi is a fun loving youth who excels at athletics, especially basketball and football. Negasi also cares deeply for the environment and is deeply concerned about a wide range of endangered animals.
Negron2 6 Female She loves princess theme and unicorns. She like arts and craft and would like a tablet for Christmas.
Nelson 11 Male Nelson is an athletic young man who enjoys playing basketball, reading books and spending time with his family.
Nelson 8 Male Nelson is a very sweet and caring boy. Last year he collected Hats, Gloves, and Toothbrushes for the homeless. He has stood up to bullies and he is wonderful friend to kids who were bullied.
Neve 13 Female Neve is an athletic young lady who enjoys swimming, basketball, and soccer.
Nick 12 Male Nick is a 12 year old boy who likes arcades, claw machines and carnivals. He enjoys movies, video games and shopping.
Nick 7 Male Nick is a caring, energetic, and positive child who loves to play with cars, his stuffed animals, and board games. Nick is the proud papa of two pet Gecko's Crunchy and Yoshi
Nick 12 Male Nick is a funny, smart, sensitive boy. He enjoys playing on the computer, watching t.v. and playing with his lego's. He doesn't like being outdoors too much but loves to swim.
Nick 5 Male Nick is a caring, sweet, intelligent little boy, who loves his sister and his aunt. Nick is incredibly helpful, and he loves to spend time with his family and play games.
Nico 16 Male Nico is a 16 year old boy who enjoys basketball and video games. He also enjoys shopping and hanging out with his friends.
Nicolas 8 Male Energetic young boy who loves to play sports with his friends after school and spend time on the neighborhood playgrounds. A tough young man forced to grow up quick with only one parent in the home.
Nidimaldo 6 Male Adimaldo is a smart young boy who loves Legos and video games. Adimaldo use a chew bracelet to help him to be calm. He loves his family very much.
Niles 5 Female Niles is a playful boy who enjoys watching sports and playing with action figures.
Ninamaldo 14 Female Ninamaldo is a young girl who deals with obesity and depression, she loves her family and enjoy cooking with her mother. She want to go to culinary school when she finish high school.
Nisbemaldo 12 Female Isbemaldo is a very sweet girl who loves her family , she loves coloring and also enjoy arts activities. Her favorite things to do is slime.
Nisham 20 Female Nisham is a smart, insightful, and empathetic young adult. She is working on returning to school to get post-secondary education. She loves art and is also learning to cook.
Niv- Eliza 12 Female NIv-ELiza loves singing, painting her nails and styling her hair. She is social and kind. ELiza is also active and enjoys lotions that smell fresh.
Niv-cheme 16 Female Niv-cheme is a lovely young girl, she loves school and is been working hard to get honor roll this semester. She enjoys reading and making new friends.
Niv-ethan 7 Male Niv-Ethan enjoys boxing, baseball, and swimming. He is a very social and friendly. Ethan performs well academically and stands out from others. He wants to be a firefighter or police officer when he grows up.
Niv-jass 3 Female Jass is a very independent 3 year old, she is love spending time with her twin sister. She is very friendly , and loves to share and brighten everyone day.
Niv-kay 7 Male Niv-kay is a very active young boy. He loves sports and being active in the community. He also really enjoys school and making friends.
NIv-Xiomar 10 Male XIomar is a very friendly and lovely young boy. He really enjoys music and sports. He loves having a twin because they are inseparable and love spending all their time together.
NivAngel 1 Male Angel is a 11 month old baby, who is now learning how to make sounds and crawl around the house. He is a very healthy boy and enjoys watching cartoons with his older brother.
NivJae 11 Male NivJae is a talented 11 year old boy who enjoys creating art and using his legos to built. Jae is also enjoy spending his time with his younger brother and his mother. He also enjoys playing basketball and making new friends.
Noey-Bou 12 Female Noey is a wonderful 12 year old who lives with her mother and her grandmother. She is very friendly, helpful and very artistic. She enjoys playing with her cousin and teaching them how to make beautiful pictures with paint.
Nolan 13 Male Nolan is kind-hearted young man who loves spending time with his family. He enjoys playing basketball and reading comic books.
Nora 18 Female Nora is the oldest of 3 siblings and has down symdrome. She is currently in High School and does well. Her younger sisters collaborate to care for her.
Noramaldo 12 Female Noramaldo is a very smart girl who love her family , she enjoys spending time with her parents during dinner . She loves music and art.
NORI 15 Female creative youth loves spending time outdoors taking pictures of landscape youth uses her photos to get inspirations to create meaningful poems youth also love to create artwork
NORI 15 Female creative teen loves spending time outdoors admiring landscape and gathering inspirations to create artwork and meaningful poems
Nudrimaldo 4 Female Audrimaldo is a sweet girl who loves to dress up as a princes , she love coloring and playing with her brother.
Nurimaldo 1 Female Nurimaldo is a very sweet baby who have bring her family together , she is happy and playful .
Nyz-Jass 15 Female Nyz-jass is a very caring and kind young girl. she has been wanting to come out of her comfort zone and experience new things. She recently tried spraying painting and absolutely loved it.
Nyz-Jazz 15 Female Nyz is a kind and caring young adult. She has decided for this year to start new activities she never tried before, she wants to come out of her comfort zone and be courageous.
Nyzriah 15 Female Loving and caring daughter who loves to have fun
Octavian N 13 Male Octavian is a thoughtful, caring young man who spends most afternoons with his grandmother. She is declining and has expressed a desire to pass down family recipes, which Octavian is mastering. He focuses on his education with hopes of being an engineer.
Odimaldo 7 Male Odimaldo is a smart boy who loves running and playing . He is in a special class do to hyperactivity and anxiety issues.
Olivia 12 Female Youth is very social and loves to challenge her brain by playing brain teasing games she is very active and spends a lot of her time outdoors riding her bike and swimming in the summer
Olivianna 2 Female Olivianna is a sassy 2 year old. She and her baby sister have been in care since the beginning of the year and we are looking forward to their reunification after the holidays. Olivianna loves to dance and sing and always willing to be a helper.
Ollie 7 Male An energetic 7 year old boy who loves to play
Omar 18 Male Omar is a kind and caring young man. He helps mom out at home with his younger sibling. He loves to play video games and playing sports with his friends.
Omar ING 16 Male Omar is young boy who loves keeping his creativity, always wanting to try something new. Recently, was target at school due to his medical needs
Omar ING 17 Male Omar is very resilient and loving to his brothers and sisters. Omar love to support her sister when she struggles at school and at home.
Omari 14 Male Omari is a 14 year old adolescent who enjoys playing sports, specifically basketball. Omari also assists with helping take care of his younger brother.
Omayomaldo 5 Male Omayomaldo is a smart boy who love to play with her little sister and enjoys playing video games with his dad. He loves school and is very active.
Omermaldo 16 Female Omermaldo is a very special young girl who loves music and arts. She have been going to many changes in her life and now she is stable in her new foster home. She enjoy cooking and cleaning.
Onesimaldo 16 Male Onesimaldo is smart young boy who loves basketball and baseball. He have suffer many losses in his life and is dealing with depression do to his trauma history.
Orlando 16 Male Orlando has a passion for playing baseball. Needs to update his baseball glove, bat and shoes.
Orlando 16 Male Orlando has a passion for playing baseball
Ornimaldo 14 Female Ornimaldo have been living in different foster homes, but this year she is back with her family. She is a smart girl who love her family and love to spend time together, cooking or watching a movie.
Osmary WW 6 Female Osmary is young girl who loves keeping her creativity and always wanting to try something new. She is learning to utilize her coping skill to regulated her emotions.
osvamaldo 13 Male Osvamaldo is a very active boy who love sports and video games. He struggle at school to to his hyperactivity and impulsive behavior.
Ounimaldo 17 Male Junimaldo is a very smart young boy who love computers and enjoy spending time with her family.
OwandaPONZ 17 Female
OweenahPONS 4 Female This young woman is as curious and active as she is interested in cooking and fashion.
Owen 8 Male Owen is an active and thoughtful boy who started playing football for his city. He loves building Legos and hopes to be a police office when he grows up. He would love to get new video games for Christmas and some Nerf guns to play with his siblings!
OwendlyPONZ 13 Male This young man is smart as a whip and good at writing, speaking, arts and puzzles, and is in need of some clothing due to rapid growth.
OwonPONZ 14 Male Growing like a weed and active in multiple sports, this young man is moving into teenager status quickly and would like to change his room and wardrobe to more closely match his increasing autonomy.
OwpiePONZ 12 Male
P.P 12 Female P is an authentic girl. P would say what she thinks and does what she likes.
Pamela 17 Female Pamela is a senior in high school and enjoys make up
Parker 7 Male Parker is an amazing little boy who has been diagnosed with Autism. He loves technology and is extremely smart. He loves to make other people laugh. He really enjoys coming home and spending time with his family or relaxing in his room.
Patricia 13 Female Patricia is a 7th grade student who is very playful and has a great sense of humor. Despite living in a shelter for the past few years, she has showed resilience and perseverance.
Patricia 18 Female Patricia loves flannels, cooking, baking and video games!
Patrick 17 Male Patrick is a very shy calm young man that enjoys technology. You can always find him on his phone watching movies listening to music or engaging in social media. He enjoys hanging out with peers and socializing with friends.
Pattie-mir 12 Female Pattie is a very energetic young lady. She loves to read all sorts of books and write as well. Dancing is one of her favorite things to do. She is always the life of the party everywhere she goes and always put a smile in everyone face.
Paul 5 Male Paul is a mischievous and handsome 5 year old! He loves playing with his new baby sister and cousins!
Paul 9 Male Paul is an active and friendly young boy. Over the past year, he has been able to ask for help more often which has enabled him to make more friends in school. Paul loves being active and enjoys sharing about legos, superheroes, and pokemon.
Paulette 15 Female Paulette is 15 year old girl who just reunited with her family! She has two little sisters and is excited to spend her first Christmas with her family. Paulette loves school and spending time with her friends!
Peel Gonz 17 Female Peel is in school and is a very good student. Peel helps her mother with younger sister who is 12 and her two nephews. Peel recently started to work part time to help Mom financially.
Pen Gonz 4 Male Pen loves to play with rocket ships and enjoys learning and playing with older brother. Pen also had to leave his home and come to Boston to live with his grandmother and aunt.
Penelope 4 Female Penelope is a bright and energetic 4 year old. Penelope is a very quick learner and can make anyone laugh with her jokes. Penelope loves Mickey Mouse and playing dolls with her big sister. Penelope loves technology and learning new things.
Pepi Gonz 12 Female Pepi is a very loving young girl who was abandon by maternal Mom. Pepi suffers from being abandon. Despite the challenges she remains hopeful and loving towards her family. Pepi loves to sing and dress up.
Pepita Gonz 6 Male Pepito would like an activity table to play with his trains and legos. Pepito would like this activity table from Walmart (Walmart # 552251571) or a similar one.
pepo Gonz 5 Male pepo would like all black winter water proof boots that are warm for him.
Peter 17 Male Peter is a young man from Brazil his goal is to finish high school and to find work to live independently. His favorite sport is soccer. He loves listening to music and playing games on his phone.
Peyton 11 Female Peyton is a positive, friendly and caring girl. She loves to spend time with her family and play with her friends.
Peyton 5 Male Peyton is a loving and energetic little boy! He is an only child who loves playing with his friends at school and his cousins at home. Peyton loves all things Thomas the Tank Engine, PJ Masks and Spiderman!
Philip 17 Male Philip is a great and kind young man. He loves to play football and basketball with his friend. He also enjoys playing video games.
Pierre 8 Male Pierre is an expert builder and loves Math and Science. He has a love of LEGO sets and puzzles.He has been doing so well in school.
Pierre 11 Male Pierre is a fun young boy who loves to play pretend with legos!
Polly 12 Female Polly is an enthusiastic kid who loves music and making slime. She currently lives with her single mother and is battling cancer. She remains in good spirits, eager to live life to the fullest. She loves playing board games and doing science experiments.
Porsha 11 Female Porsha is a funny young girl with a vivid imagination.
Portia 5 Female Portia is a feisty and loving 5 year old girl. She loves playing with PlayDoh and cooking! She has a big brother and is excited to become a big sister when her family gets their new addition!
Priscilla 15 Female Priscilla is a spunky young woman who enjoys music, basketball, drawing and arts and crafts.
Quentin 13 Male Quentin is in the 8th grade this year. He has been in this country for a few years and is passionate about learning English. He has remained optimistic, cheerful, and caring toward his peers. This year he was on the school soccer team that was undefeated!
Quincy 11 Male Quincy is a kind, hard working 10 year old. who is looking forward to the holiday. His family has been homeless for years. He is hoping his family finds a stable place to live soon so he has a new place to call home.
Rachel 17 Female Rachel is a senior in high school who likes to write songs and play the piano. Rachel is looking forward to attending cosmetology school when she graduates in the spring.
Rain Gonz 2 Female Rain is a very loving young girl who loves to play dress up and play with her brothers. Rain enjoys books and singing.
Ralph 18 Male Ralph is a caring and sweet young man. He loves to make other happy, and helps mom out at home.
Raquel 12 Female Raquel is a spunky, quirky kid who loves unicorns, space, cats, and anything with a funky twist. She is incredibly loving and fun and an absolute joy to spend time with. She loves her family and is always helping and giving to others.
Ray 4 Male
Rebeccah 14 Female I'm a 14 y/o girl who enjoys, baking, cooking, singing, dancing, and reading. i like to bake and give to the homeless. my favorite holiday is Christmas
Reese 15 Female Reese is a shy creative young lady with a fun spirit. When she's not reading with her dance troupe, she enjoys to read and cook with her mom.
Reeve 5 Male
Reid 3 Male
Renata 14 Female Renata is a hilarious 14 year old that enjoys all things girly. From make up to jewelry, she loves it all. Shes a star pupil at school. The oldest child at home, she is consistently the helper of the family while they live in shelter.
Rey Gonz 0 Male Rey is a very playful young baby. Rey enjoys tummy time and discovering new parts of his body.
Richard 7 Male Richard is very sweet, kind, and considerate boy. He is struggling with an undiagnosed learning disability and has a hard time at school but is always sweet and self reflective.
Rick 18 Male Rick is a confident young man who loves to work out and live a healthy lifestyle. He aspires to be a fitness wellness trainer and wants to teach others how to live a healthy life style.
Ricki 9 Female Ricki is a free spirited kid who loves Build a Bear movies. She is hoping for some electronics to help her escape when her living situation feels too loud or overwhelming, and gift card for her to go to her favorite place in the world: Build a Bear!
Rihanna 13 Female Rihanna is fun free spirited young lady who enjoys playing volleyball, spending time with friends and family and making people smile.
RihVan 9 Female Rihvan is loving and sweet 9 yo child who is protective over her siblings. She is creative and enjoys working on arts projects. She loves to sing and dance. She hopes to become a pediatrician one day, so she can care for other children.
Riley 5 Female Riley has started reading herself this year and started to learn a second language! She started cheerleading and loves it! She is smart, empathetic, and helpful.
Riley 0 Female
Ring Gonza 13 Male Ring is a very sweet, shy young boy who has a lot of past trauma but despite the challenges he has been faced with Ring remains positive and happy. Ring enjoys riding his bike and playing basketball.
Rita Gonz 2 Female Rita is Very playful young girl who loves to read and explore. Rita is always laughing and playing with her siblings.
Robert 16 Male Robert made the honor roll last year, which is a huge improvement from last school year. He started working over the summers, which is helping him to develop financial responsibility. He likes video games and going to the movies with friends.
Robert 14 Male RW is so excited to watch every patriots game this year. RW LOVES to read and in the process of creating his first novel about athlete/superheroes.
Robinson 19 Male Athletic 19 year old who enjoys lifting weights and is a gamer
Roger 7 Male
Roger 7 Male
Rory 11 Male Rory is an energetic and lovable fan of all things super hero. Due to autism, he has a lot of sensory needs and hopes to get gifts that help adjust his sensory diet when things are overwhelming.
RoseCar 3 Female RoseCar is a 3 year old she is creative, artistic and funny. She loves to make up songs. She is a fashionista and always looks her best.
Roy 2 Male
Ruby-mir 9 Female Ruby is playful and a very smart young girl who loves animals. Her favorite animals are dogs and her favorite pass time is playing with her dog Duke. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.
RW 14 Male RW is such a great active kiddo! He loves the Patriots and is on the football team at his high school! He is great example to his 4 year old nephew.
Sadie 8 Female Sadie is an active and bright girl. She is ready for anything, she was a cheerleader last year, this year she decided to play football. She enjoys dancing and reading funny books.
Sam 11 Male Sam is an incredibly smart and thoughtful, especially when considering that he is only 11. He spends his extra time with books and various scientific and building toys. He is an inventor at heart and always trying to find a better way to do things.
Samantha 9 Female Samantha has lots of energy and is an extremely talented athlete. She enjoys playing sports, riding her bike and singing karaoke. She has a contagious laugh and brings smiles to those around her.
Samantha 16 Female Samantha is a 16 year old girl who likes country music, Shawn Mendes and collecting Pokemon cards. She also enjoys video games, shopping and anime.
Sandra 16 Female Sandra is an active young woman who enjoys cheerleading, basketball and singing
Sanyah 14 Female Sanyah is a fun and energetic cheerleader at her high school. Sanyah would like to be a chef one day and enjoys cooking/ bonding time with her mother.
Sassy-mir 17 Female Sassy loves music and playing video games. She loves to dance with her sister in her home and spend time together.
Savannah 12 Female Savannah is a lovable, delightful 12 yr old girl. She is intelligent and creative. She loves drawing and developing fictional characters and stories.
Scott 13 Male Scott is a caring and active boy. He loves to play sports and play video games with his siblings. He is very caring and loves to see other happy.
Sean 8 Male Sean is a larger than life, rambunctious and enthusiastic 8 year old. He loves superheroes, cars, and bouncing around the house. He is incredibly loving and funny. He spends his time playing make believe and being an all around loveable kid.
Sean 5 Male Sean is a sweet young boy who loves robots and legos!
Sebastian 6 Male Sebastian is a kind-hearted boy who enjoys playing independently with a great imagination, he looks up to his big-brother and takes great pride in being a big brother as well. He loves being in Kindergarten and is making new friends.
Selena 14 Female Selena is a shy teenager who loves to sing, dance and is working hard to improve her grades in school and her behavior at home.
Selina 3 Female Loving 3 year old who lives with Autism
Sera-mir 14 Female Sera loves art and music. She is a great performer and is part of the art club in school. She wants to be an actress after graduating high school.
Sham-fen 2 Male Sham loves to read and look at books. He pretends that he is writing and his parent believe that he is going to be a scholar. He is very playful and loves to play with his siblings.
Shan-fen 7 Female Shan-fen is the oldest sibling in the home. She loves to help and she care so much about ensuring everyone is happy and feeling good. She is very smart and enjoy school and learning new things.
Shanice 16 Female Shanice is an active teenager who enjoys skateboarding and listening to music.
Shawn 15 Male Shawn is a young man who loves playing basketball and has hopes to play on a traveling team. Shawn said he wants to make it to the NBA on day.
Shawn 13 Male Shawn loves technology, movies, video games and everything about youtube!
Shawn 8 Male Shawn is a caring and happy boy. He has such a big heart and loves to see other laugh. He loves to spend time with family and play games.
Sia-cot 13 Female She is smart, crafty, and friendly. She enjoys playing SIMs and minecraft. she enjoys listening to music and dancing around her room.
Sienna 16 Female Sienna loves doing her hair, putting on makeup and spending time with her friends.
Silvia 4 Female Loving older sister who loves playin
Skylar 19 Female Skylar has made so many positive changes in her life. She is the first member of her mothers side of the family to graduate high school. She is attending community college and has dreams of working with children.
Sophie 10 Female Energetic 7 year old who enjoys to play dress up and pretend she is a princess. She loves going to school and playing with her friends
Stacey 9 Female Stacey is a caring, friendly and engaging girl who is a Junior Playworks Coach. She loves helping the little kids learn how to be good friends/classmates and to make good choices - during Class time, Lunch & Recess. She is very creative and artistic.
Stan 14 Male Stan is a 14 year old boy who loves basketball and the Celtics. He also enjoys science, Godzilla, Marvel comics (especially Spiderman), music and reading.
Stanely 18 Male Stanley is a young man who loves fashion design. Stanley also has the passion for culinary arts. In Stanley's free time he loves listening to music.
Star 5 Female Star is a very energetic and loveable little girl. She is in preschool and enjoys interacting with other children. Star loves playing with baby dolls and using her tablet.
Sydney 15 Female Sydney loves to draw and paint things. She just started high school and has taken on a lot of responsibility at home and is doing a great job!
Taliah 15 Female i am a 15 yr old girl who loves to sing. i sing in my church choir.i write and sing my own songs.i am smart and outgoing. i enjoy going to the movies and going out to eat with friends and family. when im older i want to be a singer or pediatrician
Tanisha 13 Female Tanisha is a talented singer who loves to write and sing her own songs!
Tara 8 Female Tara is a spunky young girl who loves to play with her Barbies and read books to her stuffed animals.
Taryn-mir 9 Male Taryn is a smart and energetic young boy. He is very friendly and loves to connect with his friends. He loves to read and his favorite football team is the college team Crimson tide.
Tasha 11 Female Tasha is a sweet young lady who enjoys being a girly girl. She loves to paint her nails, dress up and putting on a show!
Terrell 9 Male Terrell is a silly, happy kid who enjoys playing fortnite and other games. He also enjoys playing sports with his siblings.
Terry 15 Male Terry is a very athletic young man who enjoys playing football and singing and dancing in his free time. Terry comes from a very big family who enjoys time together.
Theodore 12 Male Theo is an intelligent and curious boy. He loves Legos and building different things. He is working hard to be a great student, and he is helpful at home.
Theon 15 Male Theon is a free spirited young man who enjoys hanging out with his brother, watching sports and listening to music.
Thomas 20 Male
Tim 17 Male Tim is the older brother of the household and loves his younger siblings a lot. He enjoys football and other sports.
Tina 14 Female Tina is an intelligent young girl who loves science, playing soccer, listening to music and making slime.
Tom 15 Male Tom Wednesday loves cooking, and dancing. He spends a lot of time caring for his mom and his 2 baby sisters.
Tom 13 Male Tom is a 13 year old boy who enjoys video games and music. He also enjoys comic books and shopping.
Tom 17 Male Tom is a charming young man who is motivated to find work to provide for himself. He vales building bonds with family and friends. He aspires to be a successful business owner someday.
TyCyn 15 Male Tycyn is a friendly young man with who enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He enjoys music ( especially Michael Jackson)
Tyler 6 Male Tyler is an active, bright, and sweet boy. He loves to play with cars and spend time with his family.
Ulysses 12 Male
Unique 18 Female Unique is a eccentric creative young woman who speaks her mind and believes in herself!
V. N 12 Female V is a lovely bright young girl. V loves Disney Barbie dolls and the color pink.
Vanessa 16 Female Vanessa is a good student and wants to attend college. She love to help people and see others happy.
Vin-Ode 13 Male Vin is a 14 year old boy who lives with his mother and sister. He enjoys playing with his electronics, playing sports and spending quality time with his sibling.
Virginia 17 Female Senior in high school whom wants to discover what make up is and has always wished for something from the store Pink.
Vos 9 Male Loving older brother who enjoys playing outside
WalnettaPONS 13 Female
Wanda 13 Female Wanda is a sweet shy girl. She like making slime and different art projects. She is always helping out at home.
Wayne 16 Male Wayne is a young man with a wide range of a sense of humor. Wayne loves telling Knock Knock jokes. Wayne is looking forward to the spring to play football on a pop-warner team.
Wesley 10 Male Wesley loves all things relating to gaming. He has made positive changes this year in school and is doing great. He is a great kid.
William 13 Male Will is a sweet boy who loves science. He's very interested in carnivorous plants and drawing. He is on the autism spectrum and has grown so much over the past year. These gifts will help him take videos, drawings, and pictures of the his love of science
Xavier 3 Male Xavier is very smart and funny. Well mannered 3 year old who like to jump and sings when PJ mask comes on TV.
xavier 14 Male Xavier is a funny and energetic 14 year old. He loves watching old movies and playing videos games. He also like solving mysteries. Xavier is a creative and writes and performs his own poetry in the community.
Yalig 3 Female An active and friendly 3 year old who enjoys helping her mom clean
Yena-Jass 16 Female Yena is a very outgoing young adult that loves to be very artistic and drawing/painting. She takes pride in all the growth she has done in this past year learning English as second language.
Zachary 1 Male Zachary is talking more recently and loves being with his family, especially his brother. He's super cute and knows it, I cute mama.
Zafen 6 Female Zafen is a funny, caring and smart little girl. She is extremely observant and can pick up on others feelings. She loves to make people laugh and feel good. She loves to color and draw beautiful pictures.