Member's Information:
Name: Natalie
Age: 41
Birthday: Jul 6
Gender: Female
Color: Turquoise and teal
Theme: None
Size XL
Shoe Size Women 10
Sheet Size King
Description: Natalies energy and commitment to meeting the needs of her children and creating family memories to last a lifetime is unmatched. When she has a moment to spare, Natalie dedicates herself to improving her community through fundraising and advocacy work.

Natalie's need list:

Need Type Need Sub-Type Description
Jeans Pants Size women's 12
None Underwear Size 38D bra or women's 8 bikini underwear
None Personal Items Pantene Pro V shampoo/conditioner or women's shaving cream/razors
Winter Boot Footwear Bear Paw winter boots, size women's 10