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Family Information

Family Code Description Members
CSAPS-00013957-Walker Single mother of 3. working part time to support the day to day mental health, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs of her children. Mom works outside the home but tires to accommodate the school based behavioral needs of the identified youth. 4

Household Needs

Household Item Type Household Item Sub-Type Description
Household Items Appliance Deep fryer, Coffee machine, Hand held blow drier, Iron, adjustable showered w/ removal head, shower rack, extended shower rod, curtains and rods, floor mats, area rugs,
Household Items Other Bath tissue, feminine hygiene products, hygiene products
Household Items Comforter or Blanket two full size ( young adult/ female/ no theme) and one queen ( moms room) one toddler(boy)
Household Items Pots & Pans Non stick
Household Items Towel Set Bath, hand, face, kitchen
Household Items Other Living room furniture (couch, love seat, area rug, ends tables, coffee tables,) Dishes & silverware Kitchen table & place settings , Under bed storage Bath tissue Feminine hygiene Personal Hygiene (Dove)

Family Member Needs

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