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Family Information

Family Code Description Members
SAHBos-00012994-Nguyen This is a family of four, single mother and disable to work. Struggles to make ends meet every month but tries her hardest to give her kids the holiday spirit every year! 3

Household Needs

Household Item Type Household Item Sub-Type Description
Household Items Other Stanley Vasar 102 PCS Toolkit
Household Items Other A drawer with 6 sections

Family Member Needs

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Member Age Gender Information Color Theme Need Type Need Sub-Type Description
Tiffany 15 Female Pink abstract Other Misc. None Full Size Bed
Tilla 5 Female Pink Disney Footwear Shoe Winter Boots Size 12 1/2 for toddlers
Tom 7 Male Blue Army Footwear Winter Boot Snow boots size 2 or 2 1/2

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