Families range from 2 to 15 members. You may search for a specific family size or select a family from the table below.

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Family Size:

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Family Code Members Description
CSAHP-00003903-Kersey 1 Dainai is a young adult that is very family oriented, independent and very caring to all around her. She is currently in the process of moving in her own space and is started a new chapter in her life, as an independent young adult.
SAHSom-00006829-Kouroyen 4 Family of four that have two sons on the autism spectrum who have a lot of needs that the family has trouble afford all the time Anything that can help this family have something to open this holiday season would go a long way
SAHSom-00015507-Kouroyen 4 Single Father of 2 young boys who live with extended family Dad works two jobs and does everything he can to provide for his family This family would really benefit from some help this holiday season
SAHSom-00019294-Kouroyen 4 Single mother of 3 very active children in need of help of clothing 3 fast growing kids this winter as well as help with making this a memorable holiday season