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Family Code Members Description
SAHBos-00001052-Weeks 3 This family's values are rooted in perseverance, and they enjoy bonding through family oriented activities .
SAHSom-00007056-Mango 6 Mom and dad are the loving parents of four children who love coloring and goofing around. This family loves to laugh and spend time together.
SAHSom-00007174-anastasi 3 Close knit family that is welcoming and caring to all that enter their home . This family has creative, humorous and playful qualities that support them in times of need. They enjoy family game nights, and spending time in the community.
SAHBos-00007232-welcome 3 The Rull family of three is filled with love. They enjoy participating in their community events and volunteering at the local animals shelter!
SAHBos-00007519-Yang 8 The Yang family is a big family of 8 members spanning 3 generations. They love the holiday season because that is when they make time from their busy schedules to gather together and decorate their home - inside and outside - with lights and ornaments!
SAHBos-00009530-Spruill 5 Family consist of grandmother and aunt who are the caregivers of four children. Grandmother simply wants to provide children with best life possible. Children have a great sense of humor and participate in teamwork whenever possible.
SAHBos-00010173-Atwater 1 Iyana is 16 years old and lives with her mother and father. She is very focused on working towards independence, Iyana wants very much to learn to drive, and is very creative and serious about her art.
SAHBos-00010262-Gonzalez 2 This Family recently had to throw away their furniture to mold in the house. Mom has been working very hard to replace everything but it has been difficult because Mom struggles with her own medical issues. The Family can benefit from help this holiday
SAHBos-00011682-Marroquin 5 This is a big family with big hearts.
SAHSom-00012632-Feldman 5 Foster mom and dad have devoted raising three special children Although both parents work full time jobs the family struggles financially and could greatly benefit from your support
SAHBos-00012994-Nguyen 3 This is a family of four, single mother and disable to work. Struggles to make ends meet every month but tries her hardest to give her kids the holiday spirit every year!
SAHSom-00013627-Mango 4 Grandma is the loving caregiver of her two young granddaughters who love arts and crafts dance and playing basketball The girls love being outside and taking care of their many pets including a turtle dog hamsters and a guinea pig
SAHBos-00013886-SAH 3 Jeong 3 This family of 4 enjoys laughing, spending time together, and playing games.
SAHSom-00013888-Dewey 4 The Olsen Family is a loving unit who cherish time together. They are hoping to celebrate a first Christmas together as a family for the first time in years.
CSAHP-00013891-Stroud 1 Clients family resides from Africa and are getting adjusted to America culture. Family is full of bright and caring people who can use help with holiday resources this year.
SAHSom-00013918-Khorshidi 5 Super hard working parents taking excellent care of their kids with learning disabilities. Mom works two jobs and is getting her degree online. She didn't ask anything for herself and the minimum for others
CSAPS-00013957-Walker 4 Single mother of 3. working part time to support the day to day mental health, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs of her children. Mom works outside the home but tires to accommodate the school based behavioral needs of the identified youth.
CSAPS-00014729-Knapp 8 With seven children and their newest member, newborn granddaughter, this family has a house full of vibrant personalities! Any assistance during the holidays would mean so much to this family.
CSAHP-00014818-Kersey/Vanon 3 This family is a very close-knit and supportive of each other. This family enjoys spending time planning fun activities. Caregiver takes care of Alzheimer's husband and could use support this holiday.
SAHSom-00014887-Santiago 3 This mom & son have a strong connection & have persevered in spite of major financial strain & unexpected losses. Father has recently reunited with the family after 7 years away & is working hard to rebuild his life & support his son.
SAHBos-00014898-Gonzalez 4 This family consist of a single mother and 5 children. mom is a very loving, caring, and hard working individual. The family recently lost their home and will soon be placed in another home. The Family would really appreciate the help this holiday after
SAHSom-00014949-Marcus 5 This family is a close team. Family First. They have been through so much for years and dreams are coming true because they ALL work very hard. They are all playful. helpful and try to live right. They are looked to w respect by those that know them.
SAHSom-00015084-Baker 4 Even though this family of four faces many stresses, they love having adventures together and looking out for each other. Mom works very hard to provide and would love any help she can get so her children will have a wonderful holiday season.
SAHSom-00015307-Cantu 5 Mom and dad are doing an amazing job of raising two energetic little boys and their loving older sister but could use some extra help this holiday season
SAHBos-00015328-Lachmenar 5 The family consist of 2 adults and 5 children. Mom has a lot of medical concerns that make it difficult to provide wants for the children. Dad works very long hours (holding three jobs) to provide the needs of the family.
SAHBos-00015358-Salmeron 5 This family is composed by 2 hard working parents and their 3 children. Though they have endured a number of traumas, including poverty, homelessness,, and chronic grief, this family keeps it moving and consistently push for success!
SAHSom-00015642-Nozolino 6 The Baxters are a family of six who are having their first Christmas together in several years. Both parents work hard to provide for their family but supporting four children can be a financial strain. They hope to make this holiday season special.
SAHSom-00016062-Marcus 4 This is an all girl family with many different personalities, but strong family commitment. They show humor easily, and all are driven to succeed. Mom is starting a new career, the kids do amazing at school. They are very proud of their culture.
SAHSom-00016216-Joseph 3 Great family Parents are very loving and active in youths life dad has to support family because mom struggles with medical problems and is unable to work youth is very active and playful family enjoys taking youth out in the community and exploring city
SAHSom-00016596-Laura Gomez Machiavelo 2 Mom and kid are a very resilience family. They have had a very complicated financially and emotionally year. Both are adorable, grateful and loving family with tons of needs.
SAHSom-00016744-Starr 3 This is a loving, low-income family that recently learned that their 18 year old son has been struggling with undiagnosed severe mental health concerns. This family is doing all they can to make sure that he gets all the support her can now.
SAHSom-00016955-Moore 3 A fun-loving family of three! Both kids are actively engaged in school and outside activities. The Fox's remain filled with love and laughter despite Darlene's recent challenges.
SAHSom-00016956-Marcus 3 This family has many recent losses. Mom is resilient & will do anything to get her daughter any support she needs. They are extremely loving. Both are artistic, expressive, and kind. She absolutely adores school & excels.
SAHBos-00017002-Amedee 2 This family consist of mother, son, and daughter. Kids are extremely intelligent. They enjoy family time.
SAHSom-00017058-Baker 2 This single Mom faces serious health challenges and financial stress, and she is working hard to help launch her teenage son as a successful, productive adult with positive values. Any help during the holiday season would be greatly appreciated.
CSAHP-00017078-Jean 3 Family has moved to the States from their native country about five years ago. Youth likes puzzles and drawing.
SAHBos-00017252-Lopez/Brandman 3 Family is going through transition with one kiddo moving to high school and the other graduating high school and preparing for college. Change is hard but this family is working hard to support each other.
SAHSom-00017337-Lalone 4 Charismatic mom with history of domestic violence, who is raising two sons with supportive husband. Sons have strong relationship with mom/step-dad, and have conflicted relationship with their bio-father following sporadic involvement in their life.
SAHSom-00017395-Anastasi 5 The Nolan family of 5 is a strong, resilient family who value and prioritize family time. They enjoy spending most of their weekend outdoors and creating new memories. Their strong bond and strength have supported them through challenging times.
SAHSom-00017396-Anastasi 5 A single mother of 4 teenage boys and 3 grandchildren, who she unconditionally cares for. The family's cultural beliefs and values light up this household. The mother is a strong, resilient caregiver who has experienced chronic environmental stressors.
SAHSom-00017469-Thomas 3 Arnold lives with his family of 6 (mom, dad, sister and his maternal grandparent). He currently outgrown most of his clothes and the family are not able to purchase new home. Arnold is very loving, energetic, loves to dance and watch his favorite shows
SAHSom-00017523-Cantu 5 The Rogers are a loving household consisting of two grandparents who take care of their three grandchildren They like going on small weekend trips together to spend quality time and enjoy the outdoors
SAHSom-00017540-Starr 3 Warm, loving family that enjoys each other's company and has worked to overcome issues of oppression and family abuse patterns. Kind, thoughtful, grateful. Single mother of 2 children.
SAHSom-00017632-Baker 5 This family of four sons worries about their Mom's health, and have learned to pitch in to help out. The kids love playing basketball, videogames, and watching movies together. This holiday season they would love some help.
SAHSom-00017650-Joseph 5 Big family Family was been through may transitions in the past year and had recently moved back to Massachusetts to access better resources Mom and Step-dad work very hard to provide for family and to tent to children needs.
SAHSom-00017654-Woodfield/Farrell 4 A loving, generous family who enjoys family dinners, watching movies and spending time together. The family is experiencing financial hardship at this time & would love their Christmas wishes to come true this year.
SAHBos-00017798-Lachmenar 3 Mom and Dad are great advocates and supports for their three children. They are rooted in Christian beliefs and teach their children values. The children have deep conversations with their parents regarding worldly views.
FAMIL-10000010-McCarthy 6 This is a loving family of 8 is looking forward to the holiday season to enjoy time together as a family.