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Name Age Gender Description
Anai 16 Male Anai is a very determined and goal oriented. He hopes to become a professional baseball player or an engineer. He loves spending time with his family especially his brother.
Dainai 19 Female Dainai is a very resilient and independent young adult. She is excited to now have her own space and starting her new journey.
EraNai 15 Female Eranai is a very loving young girl that is loving and caring to her family. She recently was re-united with her brother and her grandmother after years of being separate. Eranai is a very active youth that loves ballet and dance.
Franai 14 Female Franai is a very artistic, caring and smart young girl. She enjoys painting and working on crafts. She was adopted by her grandmother after her father passed away.
Gabby 6 Female Gabby is a young girl wiser beyond her years and loves to play with older kiddos and enjoys all things princess as well as coloring and being outside
Garrett 8 Male Incredibly creative and artistic young man who's passion is to draw and listen to music
Gloria 12 Female Gloria is the cousin in this family that lives with her extended family enjoying going to the movies and the mall to hangout with friends
Grant 11 Male Highly active kiddo plays baseball as well being an active swimmer loves to be outside and plays all kinds of activities tries his best in school despite having academic difficulties
Grayson 9 Male Active little brother who always wants to swim as well as play outside loves all things superhero as well as being a big fan of horror like five nights of freddys
Gretchen 1 Female Gretchen is a curious little body for she just learned to walk and talk and she has a lot to say and places to go
Gus 5 Male A super curious young man that is eager to learn A big fan currently of mindcraft and puzzle building games
Hayden 9 Male Hayden is a 9 year old boy who lives with his mother, twin sisters who are 15, and a funny cat. Hayden loves going to the park with his mother to play soccer. Hayden dreams of becoming a police officer when he's older and really loves ninja turtles.
Hazel 15 Female Hazel loves the color purple and Butterflies.
Heather 15 Female Heather loves the color pink and anything with Elephants.
Ivan 8 Male Super active young man that loves soccer as well as WWE a big fan of his PS4 and enjoys using his imagination with friends
Joseph 9 Male Joseph is an active 9 year old boy who loves sports, playing in the park, and dancing. He is interested in gaming, playing outside with friends, and following Boston sports games. Has two older brothers he looks up to.
Lance 18 Male Lance is an 18 year old high school student who is the middle child of an older and younger brother. He is hardworking and enjoys sports, gaming and dancing. He is a good role model for his younger brother.
Maridane 9 Female Maridane is a very loving and creative 9 year old girl that was recently adopted by her grandmother. She loves living with her grandmother and spending time together. Her favorite past time is making slime and playing board games with her.