Child's Information:
Name: Cassie
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Color: Black Purple Red or Blue
Theme: None
Shoe Size Women 6.5
Sheet Size None
Description: Cassie is a 17 year old girl who is hoping to begin working her first job to help support her family. She is closely connected to her mother and also helps to take care of her little sisters. Cassie hopes someday to have a career working with children.

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Donate Wish Category Wish Sub-Category Description
Electronics Other "Samsung Galaxy Tab A Tablet" in white,
Gift Cards None Gift cards for shopping, stores include: Walmart, Old Navy, Foot Locker, Rainbow, PCX
Jewelry Earrings "diamond-like" stud earrings with gold studs (sensitive ears)
Shoes Boots Uggs Brand boots, Black; women's size 6.5

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